5 Letter Words That Start With E and End With E

Bonjour, word aficionados! Ever been on the hunt for a specific set of words to jazz up your vocabulary?

Well, you’re in luck.

Today, we’re embarking on a delightful journey through 5-letter words, each starting with an ‘E’ and closing with one too.

Some might be familiar friends, while others might seem like strangers at first glance.

Let’s unravel this lexical mystery, shall we?

Five Letter Words That Start With E and End With E

  1. Eagle – A large bird of prey with a sharp beak and keen vision. Have you ever been called “Eagle-Eye” because you didn’t miss any detail?
  2. Elope – When lovers run away to get married, usually without parental consent.
  3. Elude – Just out of grasp or understanding.
  4. Endue – To be endowed with a particular quality.
  5. Enate – Related on the mother’s side.
  6. Evoke – Bring strong images, memories, or feelings to mind.
  7. Exile – Banishment from one’s native land.
  8. Edged – Having a specified kind of border or edge.
  9. Educe – Bring out or develop something latent or potential.
  10. Eerie – Strange and frightening, often invoking superstitions.
  11. Elite – A select group considered superior in terms of ability or qualities.
  12. Emote – To express emotion, especially in a theatrical manner.
  13. Enate – A person related on the mother’s side.
  14. Endue – To endow or provide with a quality or ability.
  15. Etude – A short musical composition designed to provide practice.
  16. Erase – To remove or wipe out.
  17. Enure – To become accustomed or used to something.
  18. Erose – Jagged or uneven, especially used to describe leaf margins in botany.
  19. Exude – To discharge or ooze a substance.
  20. Evoke – Bring to mind or recollect a feeling or memory.

  1. Elide – To omit or neglect.
  2. Elate – Make someone ecstatically happy.
  3. Ennui – A feeling of dissatisfaction arising from lack of occupation or excitement.
  4. Enose – Having a nose or snout.
  5. Exude – Display strongly and openly.
  6. Etage – A story or level of a building.
  7. Evote – A seldom-used word meaning to vow or dedicate.
  8. Exine – The outer layer of the wall of a pollen grain or spore.
  9. Elite – Select part of a group that is considered superior.
  10. Endue – Endow or provide with a quality or ability.
  11. Erose – Jagged or irregular.
  12. Elute – To extract one material from another.
  13. Enate – Related on the mother’s side.
  14. Epode – A form of lyric poem.
  15. Equae – A genus of fossil horse from the Oligocene Epoch.
  16. Eskie – Another name for an American Eskimo dog.
  17. Edile – An official in ancient Rome in charge of public buildings and games.
  18. Evoke – Bring to mind.
  19. Exine – Outer layer of a spore or pollen grain.
  20. Endue – Provide with a quality or ability.

  1. Elude – Slip through the fingers, either physically or metaphorically.
  2. Epile – A decorative border.
  3. Epose – To expound or narrate.
  4. Enage – Old spelling of engage.
  5. Erute – To rub out; erase.
  6. Ejade – A rare term meaning to elude or escape.
  7. Elchee – An ambassador or envoy, especially in Persia.
  8. Elapse – Referring to time that’s passed.
  9. Efface – To erase or remove completely.
  10. Evince – To reveal or display clearly.
  11. Enrobe – To dress or adorn.
  12. Embase – To debase or degrade oneself.
  13. Ensure – To make sure or certain.
  14. Entire – Whole or complete, without any part left out.
  15. Edgier – Characterized by a provocative, boundary-pushing nature.
  16. Enlace – To interlace, bind or encircle.
  17. Equine – Pertaining to horses.
  18. Ermine – A type of weasel; or a white fur used in ceremonial robes.
  19. Egeste – To discharge or excrete from the body.
  20. Exhale – To breathe out.

  1. Emerge – To come into view.
  2. Elance – To throw or thrust with a certain vigor.
  3. Escale – A stop or layover, especially for ships.
  4. Espose – To adopt or embrace a particular cause or belief.
  5. Eclose – When an insect emerges from its pupal case.
  6. Embrue – To soak or stain with blood.
  7. Entice – To attract by offering pleasure or advantage.
  8. Evince – To display clearly or make evident.
  9. Encase – To enclose or cover.
  10. Emmale – An old term, referring to a piece of decorative work.
  11. Elapse – To pass or go by.
  12. Engage – To participate or get involved.
  13. Empire – A group of nations or people ruled over by an emperor or sovereign.
  14. Easile – Easily.
  15. Eluate – Liquid separated from a substance by washing or percolation.
  16. Escape – To break free from confinement or restraint.
  17. Engore – To soak with blood.
  18. Endive – A type of salad plant.
  19. Entree – The right to enter or join a particular sphere or group.
  20. Effuse – To pour forth or radiate.

  1. Eaglet – A young eagle.
  2. Ectype – A reproduction or copy.
  3. Enisle – To isolate or make like an island.
  4. Englue – To cover with glue or paste.
  5. Ecurve – To bend or curve outwards.
  6. Eluate – The liquid obtained from elution.
  7. Egrade – To degenerate or break down.
  8. Epitoe – A small addition or extra item.
  9. Equate – To consider as equal or equivalent.
  10. Edible – Suitable for eating.
  11. Enrobe – To dress or adorn.
  12. Effete – Lacking in wholesome vigor; degenerate.
  13. Ebbtide – A receding tide.
  14. Epilogue – A concluding section at the end of a book or play.
  15. Echelle – A scale or ladder.
  16. Entwine – To twist or twine together.
  17. Ellipse – A closed curve in geometry.
  18. Eyepiece – A lens close to the eye in an optical instrument.
  19. Envelope – A paper container for letters.
  20. Elongate – To lengthen or extend.


It’s fun how, sometimes, a mere letter can invoke such feelings, stories, and even entire scenarios.

Who knew ‘E’ could be so engaging?

And we’ve only scratched the surface. Keep exploring, keep playing with words, and remember – it’s not just about the start and the end, it’s the journey between the letters that makes a word special.

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