5 Letter Words That Start With E and End With T

Hey word enthusiasts and lexical lovers! 📖✨

Ever found yourself intrigued by the charm of five-letter words?

Particularly those that embark on an ‘E’ and exit with a ‘T’?

Well, you’re in the right place because we’re about to embark on a delightful journey of words.

It’s a little game I like to call the “E-Ticket Ride!” Let’s dive right in!

Five Letter Words That Start With E and End With T

  1. Elicit: As in, did this intro elicit a smile? Hope so!
  2. Eject: Button pressed, and off we go into the wordy galaxy!
  3. Evert: To turn outwards or inside out. Like that time with the unfortunate umbrella on a windy day.
  4. Egest: Kinda like digest, but the other end of the process. Too much info?
  5. Elint: Technical term relating to the removal of lint. Hey, clean filters are happy filters!
  6. Exact: I can’t exact revenge on my alarm clock, no matter how much I’d like to some mornings.
  7. Exalt: This list shall exalt the English language in its quirky glory.
  8. Erupt: Like that volcano in your science fair. Remember the baking soda and vinegar?
  9. Escot: An old term meaning to provide for or maintain. Also sounds rather noble, doesn’t it?
  10. Effet: A bit archaic, but think of a dead branch. Good for spooky stories!

And while we pause at ten, let’s take a little detour, shall we? Remember playing Scrabble and being absolutely stumped with some random letters? These words might just be your next game-changer!

  1. Elapt: An old term which essentially means to glide or slide.
  2. Elect: Voting season brings this word to prominence. Your voice matters!
  3. Evert: That thing you accidentally do when you wear socks on a polished floor. Whee!
  4. Exist: A deeply philosophical term on many days.
  5. Endit: Kind of like “end it”, but faster. Useful for dramatic flair.
  6. Edict: A formal announcement or order. “Hear ye, hear ye!”
  7. Event: Birthdays, anniversaries, or the day your favorite series drops a new season.
  8. Elent: Old term meaning to speed up or dash. The way I run when I hear the ice-cream truck.
  9. Edept: Okay, it’s a rare one, meaning skilled or proficient.
  10. Emmet: A lovely term for an ant. Perfect for a picnic, unless they’re after your food.
  11. Elopt: An olden term meaning to run away, especially with a lover. How very Shakespearean! 💌
  12. Ebbet: This is a bit of a curveball—it’s an older term referring to a small fish. Also, sushi, anyone?
  13. Egest: Often associated with the expulsion of undigested food. Might not want to bring this one up at dinner.
  14. Effet: Dead boughs or branches often find this name. Think of that tree branch from your spooky campfire tales!
  15. Eruct: A polite term for burping. You’re welcome for this dinner-table gem.
  16. Edent: This term is related to the state of being toothless. Reminds me of my grandpa’s quirky smile.
  17. Elict: An old term which refers to enticing or drawing out.
  18. Emmet: Nature lovers, it’s just another adorable term for ants!
  19. Evert: It’s back again to remind us of the act of turning inside out or outward.
  20. Elent: The swiftness or speed of a deer. Can you imagine that rush?
  21. A quick pit stop here! Ever thought of using these words in a story? I once spun a tale about a deer named Elent who wanted to elopt with a fish named Ebbet. Sounds quirky? That’s the magic of words!
  22. Elant: An alternate spelling for ‘elent’. Because one term for swift deer is never enough!
  23. Endyt: To put an end to something, like my effort to bake cookies without eating half the dough.
  24. Evost: An ancient term meaning to stand out or emerge.
  25. Egest: A repeater but a keeper, referring to the act of expelling or discharging.
  26. Enapt: To fit or adjust, like that jigsaw piece that finally fits after an hour of trying.
  27. Eropt: An old term for broken or torn. Also the state of my jeans after a DIY distressing attempt.
  28. Evast: Enormous or vast, like my love for cozy blankets on cold nights.
  29. Ellit: A rare word referring to shining or gleaming.
  30. Entet: To join or intertwine, kinda like spaghetti and meatballs, an eternal duo.
  31. Egret: A beautiful white bird that’s often seen near water. Also a showstopper in bird photography.
  32. Elint: Here’s a term from the world of intelligence, referring to electronic intelligence. Spy stuff, you know?
  33. Escot: Historically, it meant a provision or payment. Think medieval taxes or fees.
  34. Easht: An old word, giving the meaning of eastward.
  35. Ergot: This one’s a fungus on cereal plants. It has historical significance, with some believing it played a role in the Salem witch trials.
  36. Elvet: A smooth, soft texture, much like the inner side of a deer’s antler. Also, remember that suede jacket in the back of your closet?

I once penned a story about a tax collector named Escot who traveled easht, stumbling upon an elvet pouch filled with ergot. The twist? Ergot had some… mystical properties. The plot thickens!

  1. Erupt: Like our favorite volcanoes or a surprise laugh in a quiet room.
  2. Edict: A command or proclamation. Think kings, queens, and announcements in grand courts.
  3. Exert: Pushing oneself to the limit, like during those final laps or the end of a workout.
  4. Ellot: An archaic term referring to a little elf or sprite. Perfect for a whimsical tale.
  5. Edept: Think adept, but with an extra ‘E’ for extra proficiency.
  6. Elmat: A word from old times, indicating a protective covering. Imagine a knight’s armor or a shield.
  7. Evant: Here’s one for a breezy twist, meaning a cooling wind.
  8. Enact: To make into law or to perform, as in a play.
  9. Etent: Again, it’s all about the stretch, extend, and lengthen.
  10. Egest: Aha! It’s back, our old pal meaning to discharge or expel.

Did you know? Words not only possess meaning but vibes too. Like “erupt” feels so dynamic, while “ellot” has this fairy-like quality. Makes you wonder if words were, in some ethereal plane, actual living entities.

  1. Embet: To embed or enclose, quite snug like a bug in a rug.
  2. Elapt: An old wordy gem meaning to escape or slip away.
  3. Epact: It’s all about the moon! Specifically, the age of the moon on January 1st.
  4. Eleft: Think left, but with an additional ‘E’ for emphasis. “He eleft his post.”
  5. Erist: Referring to strife or discord. Like that one out-of-tune string in a guitar ensemble.
  6. Eldst: Another rare gem meaning the oldest.
  7. Evolt: A twist or a spin. Remember doing those in dance classes or just in your living room?
  8. Emote: Expressing emotion. Theatre artists are especially adept at this.
  9. Ersat: Derived from ersatz, meaning a substitute or replacement.
  10. Enset: Refers to a plant in Ethiopia, also known as the false banana.

I recall trying a dish made of enset during a travel escapade. It tasted like a mix of yams and bananas. Unexpected but delectable!

  1. Enact: To establish by law or action. Did you know that the original Star Wars movies enacted a whole new era of sci-fi appreciation? Well, now you do!
  2. Evert: A medical term for turning inside out. Sounds a bit more unsettling than a sock inversion, doesn’t it?
  3. Elint: And it’s back! Remember, it’s about electronic intelligence. It’s like James Bond meets Silicon Valley.
  4. Ecost: The energy cost, often in relation to the environment. Like when you decide to walk rather than drive, saving the planet one step at a time.
  5. Egret: A word so elegant, it’s worth mentioning thrice. Just picture that long-legged bird, wading gracefully by the water’s edge.

I once had an egret-themed party. Odd choice, you might think? But with feathered decorations, bird-watching sessions, and egret-shaped cookies, it was the talk of the town for weeks!

  1. Egest: Yet again, for expulsion. Perhaps it’s nature’s way of reminding us about detoxing? Just a thought!
  2. Eront: Mistaken or astray. Imagine a GPS gone haywire: “In 3 feet, turn left into the lake.”
  3. Edent: Having no teeth. Whether through age, mischief, or just life’s curveballs, it’s a word that bites, or rather, doesn’t!
  4. Evert: The act of turning out or displaying, almost like flaunting but with a subtler touch.
  5. Esset: A term often used to indicate existence or being. To be or not to esset, that’s the question!

Pro tip: If you ever play word games like Scrabble or Boggle, some of these words might just make you the reigning champion!

  1. Elnet: A term from yesteryears, indicating a mesh or net. Imagine fishermen of old, casting their elnets under a crimson sunset.
  2. Elast: Think of it as a fancy way of saying “at last.” “Elast, my pizza has arrived!”
  3. Egest: It’s become a frequent visitor, but always good to revisit. Repetition is, after all, the mother of retention.
  4. Event: A happening or occurrence, big or small. Like the time your cat accidentally turned on the vacuum cleaner and chaos ensued.
  5. Evict: To expel or force out. Not the happiest word to end our list with, but life’s a mix of ups and downs, right?


Wow, what a ride that was! From swift deer to graceful birds, expulsions to mistaken directions, our language adventure has been quite the expedition. It’s incredible how 5-letter combinations can conjure such a world of images, stories, and emotions.

Here’s hoping you weave these words into delightful tales, quirky anecdotes, and maybe even some poetic verses.

Dive deep into the literary waters, and you’ll find there’s always more to explore.

Remember, every word is a door to a new world; all you’ve got to do is turn the handle and step in. Happy exploring! 📖🌟🚀

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