6 Letter Words That Start With O

Ah, the letter “O”!

A circle of endless possibilities, a portal into the world of words that promise to delight, educate, and sometimes even baffle. We encounter these words daily, sometimes missing their allure, but today, we’re going to savor them.

From the tangible terrains of the “Outback” to the abstract realms of “Oneness”, our language doesn’t cease to amaze.

As we dive into this collection of 100 six-letter words starting with “O”, let’s embark on a linguistic journey, uncovering tales, histories, and the magic they sprinkle in our day-to-day conversations.

Buckle up, word enthusiasts—it’s going to be an “O-mazing” ride!

Six Letter Words That Start With O

  1. Object: A tangible item. This word also refers to the act of expressing disapproval or disagreement.
  2. Oblong: Longer than it is wide, a shape that’s neither square nor round.
  3. Obsess: To preoccupy the mind to an unhealthy extent. Ever had a song stuck in your head all day?
  4. Obtain: To get or procure something, usually after an effort.
  5. Ocular: Relating to the eyes or vision. Think telescopes or spectacles.
  6. Oddity: Something unusual or strange, making it intriguing.
  7. Offend: To hurt or upset someone, usually unintentionally.
  8. Offset: To balance out or compensate. Also, a method of printing!
  9. Oftest: An archaic term meaning “most often.”
  10. Oiling: The act of applying oil. A car’s engine or a rusty door hinge might need some oiling.
  11. Oldish: Not quite old, but getting there. Like that shirt you just can’t part with.
  12. Omelet: A delightful dish made from beaten eggs. Cheese or veggies? Your choice.
  13. Onward: Moving forward or continuing in a course. Onward and upward!
  14. Openly: Doing something without secrecy or concealment.
  15. Opined: To have expressed an opinion.
  16. Optics: The scientific study of light. Also, how things look to the public.
  17. Orally: Something spoken, rather than written.
  18. Orange: A citrus fruit, and a color that’s vibrant and energetic.
  19. Orator: A skilled public speaker. Think of those who command a stage.
  20. Orbital: Relating to an orbit. Satellites move in an orbital path around Earth.
  21. Orchard: A place where fruit trees are cultivated. Picture apple-picking in autumn.
  22. Oregano: A herb used in Italian cooking. Pizza, anyone?
  23. Origami: The Japanese art of paper folding. From cranes to boats.
  24. Ornate: Decorated in a detailed and elaborate manner. Think grand ballrooms.
  25. Outage: A temporary disruption in service. Common with electricity or internet.
  26. Outcry: A loud expression of public anger or disapproval.
  27. Outlet: A point for release or expression. Also, malls where items are often cheaper!
  28. Output: Production or amount produced, like a factory’s output.
  29. Outrun: To run faster or outpace something. Used figuratively as well.
  30. Outset: The start or beginning. At the outset of a journey, for instance.
  31. Ovular: Resembling an ovum or egg.
  32. Oxford: A type of shoe. Also, a famed university in England.
  33. Oxygen: A chemical element; essential for our breathing.
  34. Oyester: A spelling variant of oyster, the saltwater mollusk.
  35. Ozoned: Infused with ozone. The Earth is protected by an ozoned layer!
  36. Obelisk: A tall, four-sided pillar that tapers upwards. Think of the Washington Monument.
  37. Obliged: Feeling thankful for something done for you. “Much obliged” is a way of showing gratitude.
  38. Obscure: Not well-known, or making something difficult to see or understand.
  39. Observe: To watch carefully, often for a specific purpose, like observing wildlife.
  40. Obtrude: To impose oneself or one’s opinions on others.
  41. Obvious: Easily perceived or understood, clear to the mind.
  42. Ocelots: A wildcat found primarily in South and Central America, known for its striking patterned fur.
  43. Octagon: A shape with eight straight sides and eight angles.
  44. Octaves: A range of tones. The interval between one musical pitch and another with half or double its frequency.
  45. Octopus: A sea creature with eight tentacles. Also, great in calamari!
  46. Oculate: Having eyes or eye-like spots.
  47. Odyssey: A long, adventurous journey. Also, an ancient Greek epic poem.
  48. Offense: An act of breaking a rule or law; can also mean causing upset.
  49. Ointment: A smooth substance that you rub on the skin to heal wounds or soothe pain.
  50. Olestra: A fat substitute used in food preparation.
  51. Olympic: Relating to the ancient Olympia or its games. Nowadays, a major international sports event.
  52. Ominous: Giving the impression that something bad is about to happen.
  53. Omniweb: Refers to a web that is comprehensive and covers everything.
  54. Onboard: On or onto a ship, spacecraft, or vehicle.
  55. Onefold: Singular in nature or character.
  56. Oneness: The fact or state of being unified or whole.
  57. Onetime: Former; occurring, used, or done on one occasion.
  58. Onwards: Towards a continuing progress; forward.
  59. Oodles: A very great number or amount of something, often used colloquially.
  60. Oolites: Small rounded grains or particles, specifically in certain rocks.
  61. Opulent: Showy, rich, and luxurious.
  62. Oracles: Priests or priestesses acting as mediums through whom advice or prophecies were given from gods.
  63. Oranges: Bright colored citrus fruits; also a shade between red and yellow.
  64. Orchids: A diverse and widespread family of flowering plants, often with fragrant and colorful flowers.
  65. Ordinal: Relating to order or position in a series.
  66. Organdy: A fine translucent cotton or silk fabric.
  67. Organic: Relating to living matter, often pertains to natural farming methods.
  68. Orient: Align or position relative to the points of a compass or another specified direction.
  69. Origins: The point or place where something begins or is created.
  70. Ornitho: Relating to birds; often a prefix.
  71. Orology: The study of mountains.
  72. Osmosis: A process by which molecules pass through a semipermeable membrane.
  73. Ostlers: People employed to look after the horses of people staying at an inn.
  74. Ostmark: Formerly, a monetary unit of East Germany.
  75. Ostrich: A large flightless bird native to Africa.
  76. Outback: Remote and usually uninhabited interior regions of a country.
  77. Outcast: A person who is rejected or ostracized from their society or group.
  78. Outcrop: A rock formation that is visible on the surface.
  79. Outdoer: Someone who excels or surpasses.
  80. Outfits: A set of clothes worn together.
  81. Outflow: The act of flowing out.
  82. Outgrew: To grow too big for something.
  83. Outhaul: A rope that adjusts the tension on the foot of a sail.
  84. Outings: Short trips taken for pleasure or leisure.
  85. Outjuts: Protrudes or sticks out.
  86. Outlaws: People who have broken the law and are on the run.
  87. Outlays: Amounts of money spent on something.
  88. Outlets: Places of business for selling goods to customers.
  89. Outlier: Something or someone that is distinct from others in a group.
  90. Outlive: To live longer than someone else.
  91. Outlook: A person’s point of view or attitude.
  92. Outpace: To go faster or do better than someone or something else.
  93. Outpost: A remote military station.
  94. Outputs: The amount of something produced.
  95. Outrage: An extremely strong reaction of shock or indignation.
  96. Outrank: Hold a higher rank than.
  97. Outride: To ride better than someone else.
  98. Outrode: Past of outride.
  99. Outruns: Runs faster than.
  100. Outside: The exterior part of something.


Phew! From the outdoors to the abstract, words are like doors, opening up vast and varied landscapes.

Six letters, infinite possibilities.

Dive into each word’s universe and let the “O’s” keep surprising you!

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