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About Me

Hey! My name is Mohit but many of you may know me as MCTrollers, and I'm a avid Xenforo designer, and beginning web developer. I have been designing and creating Xenforo websites for the past couple of months and I'd like to assume that I have gotten pretty good at it. I always provide my clients with what they want and I never leave a client dissatisfied.

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Every website I work on, always gets finished within the very same day of order, I always give priority to my clients and I will have websites done lickety split!


All of my website have custom HTML and CSS portions added into them to make each and every website unique in it's own way!


I only believe in proper behavior while conducting business with my clients. I always shroud myself with professionalism, to make every one of my clients feel like they're dealing with a trained professional.

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