100 Action Words That Start With E

Hey, wordsmiths and adventure seekers! Ready for a rollercoaster ride through the explosive world of ‘E’?

Dive in, as we enlist 100 action words that not only start with ‘E’ but are also set to engage, empower, and exhilarate you!

The English language is a treasure trove of vibrant verbs and action-packed words. And when it comes to the letter ‘E’, the possibilities are, well, endless!

So, whether you’re a writer looking to enhance your vocabulary, an avid reader, or someone curious about words, let’s embark on this electrifying journey together!

  1. Engage: Like getting involved in a deep conversation or project.
  2. Elevate: Lifting something (or someone’s spirits) to a higher level.
  3. Empower: Giving power or authority to another.
  4. Encourage: Giving hope or confidence to someone.
  5. Evolve: To develop or undergo gradual change.
  6. Elapse: As in the passing of time.
  7. Enlighten: Illuminating with knowledge or understanding.
  8. Emerge: To come into view or become apparent.
  9. Entertain: Making guests or audiences laugh, think, or enjoy.
  10. Enlist: To sign up for service or assistance.
  11. Escape: The act of breaking free.
  12. Earn: Like when you work to get money or respect.
  13. Enchant: To captivate or charm someone completely.
  14. Enrage: To make someone extremely angry.
  15. Erase: Getting rid of markings or memories.
  16. Explore: To travel or delve into something unknown.
  17. Expand: To increase in size, volume, or significance.
  18. Exchange: Swapping items or words with someone.
  19. Embrace: Holding onto someone or accepting an idea eagerly.
  20. Exhale: To breathe out.

A Quick Anecdote:

I remember an episode from my travels where I decided to explore an unknown forest. As I emerged from the dense trees, I was enchanted by the view in front of me. My guide encouraged me to embrace the moment, and I did – I exhaled deeply, feeling a rush of elation.

  1. Excite: To cause a burst of energy or enthusiasm.
  2. Exemplify: To illustrate by being an example of.
  3. Extract: Pulling or taking out, often with effort.
  4. Envision: To picture in the mind or anticipate a future event.
  5. Enhance: To improve or augment, especially in value.
  6. Evaluate: Assessing or judging the nature, value, or quality.
  7. Exaggerate: Making something seem bigger or more important than it is.
  8. Exclaim: To shout or announce something passionately.
  9. Eject: To force or throw out, usually in a dramatic or sudden manner.
  10. Endorse: Giving public approval or support to.
  11. Evict: Expelling someone, usually from a property.
  12. Encrypt: Convert information into a code to prevent unauthorized access.
  13. Elude: To avoid or escape from.
  14. Embark: To begin a journey or project.
  15. Enrich: To improve the quality of.
  16. Emulate: To imitate, especially from admiration.
  17. Educate: To teach or provide knowledge.
  18. Endure: Suffering patiently.
  19. Eliminate: To get rid of.
  20. Exude: To display strongly and openly.

In the Thick of Things:

Endorsing a new idea, enduring challenges, and eventually emerging successful – these verbs are not just actions but stories of persistence and passion. They encapsulate episodes of our lives, from the mundane to the monumental.

  1. Examine: To inspect or scrutinize carefully.
  2. Engrave: Imprinting designs onto a surface.
  3. Empathize: To understand and share another’s feelings.
  4. Enable: Providing the means or ability.
  5. Echo: A sound or series of sounds caused by reflection.
  6. Elicit: To evoke or draw out.
  7. Engulf: To surround or cover completely.
  8. Embody: To represent in physical form.
  9. Experiment: To test or try out ideas.
  10. Enact: To make into a law or act out in a performance.
  11. Exalt: To hold in high regard.
  12. Enforce: Ensuring people follow a rule or law.
  13. Entangle: To get trapped in or become twisted together.
  14. Elaborate: To develop or present in detail.
  15. Equalize: Making equal or uniform.
  16. Energize: To give vitality and enthusiasm.
  17. Eavesdrop: Secretly listening to others’ conversations.
  18. Entrust: Assigning responsibility for something to someone.
  19. Envelop: Surround entirely.
  20. Entice: Attracting or tempting by offering pleasure or advantage.

Words in Motion:

I once tried to entice a friend into joining a dance class with me. As the music began, I felt it energize my soul. The movements, the rhythm, it was all so exhilarating! It’s amusing how one simple action word can encapsulate such a whirlwind of emotions.

  1. Evade: To escape or avoid.
  2. Erode: Gradual destruction or diminution.
  3. Extinguish: Putting an end to; quenching (like a fire).
  4. Elect: To choose someone for a position.
  5. Encircle: To form a circle around.
  6. Entrench: Establishing an attitude, habit, or belief so firmly.
  7. Emphasize: To give special importance to.
  8. Equate: To consider as the same.
  9. Erect: Construct or set up.
  10. Eavesdrop: To secretly listen to a conversation.
  11. Elbow: To push with one’s elbow.
  12. Eulogize: To praise highly in speech or writing.
  13. Enumerate: To mention separately as if in counting.
  14. Extort: To obtain by force or threat.
  15. Embark: To board a vehicle for a journey.
  16. Enclose: To close off or surround.
  17. Exfoliate: To come apart in layers.
  18. Expel: To force out.
  19. Eligible: Meeting the necessary conditions.
  20. Engross: To absorb all the attention or interest of.

Tales of E-Action:

When I was younger, I decided to embark on a quest to emphasize the power of words. I would engage in daily writing, experimenting with ways to energize my text. It was a period where I would often enumerate my experiences, elude negativity, and encapsulate the world in words.

  1. Emigrate: To leave one’s country to live in another.
  2. Expostulate: To express strong disapproval or disagreement.
  3. Engender: To produce, cause, or give rise to.
  4. Exorcise: To drive out an evil spirit.
  5. Encroach: To intrude on.
  6. Engorge: To swallow something greedily.
  7. Effuse: To pour out.
  8. Enunciate: To say or pronounce clearly.
  9. Expropriate: To take possession of, especially for public use.
  10. Entomb: To place in a tomb.
  11. Eccentricize: To behave in a peculiar or strange manner.
  12. Eligible: Having the right to do or obtain something.
  13. Exterminate: Destroy completely.
  14. Elongate: To lengthen.
  15. Excavate: To dig out and remove.
  16. Emblazon: To conspicuously inscribe or display.
  17. Equate: To consider one thing to be the same as another.
  18. Emanate: To flow out, radiate.
  19. Exhilarate: To make someone feel very happy.
  20. Epitomize: To be a perfect example of.


Our whirlwind journey through the dynamic and dramatic world of ‘E’ action words comes to an end, but the adventures you can embark on with these words are just beginning.

Whether you’re writing, speaking, or simply thinking, these words can empower your narratives, elucidate your ideas, and elevate your expressions.

Happy word-crafting, dear readers!

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