100 Action Words That Start With O

The English language is vast and full of energy, especially when it comes to verbs.

Starting with the letter “O”, we find a plethora of words that describe actions, movements, and states of being.

Let’s delve into 100 of them:

Action Words Starting With O

  1. Observe – To watch carefully, often with the purpose of gaining information or understanding.
  2. Obtain – To get or acquire, typically through some effort.
  3. Occupy – To fill or take up space or time.
  4. Offer – To present or propose something for acceptance.
  5. Offset – To counteract or compensate for something.
  6. Omit – To leave out or exclude.
  7. Ooze – To flow or leak out slowly.
  8. Operate – To control the functioning of a machine or process.
  9. Oppose – To be against or resist actively.
  10. Orchestrate – To arrange or direct various elements to produce a desired effect.
  11. Order – To request for something to be made, supplied, or served.
  12. Organize – To arrange or structure systematically.
  13. Orient – To align or position relative to points on a compass or another specified direction.
  14. Originate – To bring or come into being.
  15. Outdo – To surpass in performance or action.
  16. Outlast – To last longer than someone or something else.
  17. Output – To produce or manufacture a product.
  18. Overcome – To succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty.
  19. Overdo – To do or use something to excess.
  20. Overhaul – To take apart in order to examine and repair.
  21. Overhear – To hear a conversation one was not intended to hear.
  22. Overlay – To cover the surface of something with a coating.
  23. Overload – To load with too great a burden or cargo.
  24. Overshadow – To appear more prominent or important than.
  25. Overtake – To catch up with and then pass.
  26. Overthrow – To remove forcibly from power.
  27. Oxidize – To combine chemically with oxygen.
  28. Oscillate – To move back and forth or from side to side.
  29. Outcry – To shout out in a passionate or angry manner.
  30. Outrun – To run faster or further than.
  31. Outline – To give a brief account or summary.
  32. Outshine – To shine brighter than; to be more talented than.
  33. Overact – To act in an exaggerated manner.
  34. Overrule – To reject or disallow by exercising one’s superior authority.
  35. Obstruct – To block or get in the way of.
  36. Offend – To cause upset or hurt feelings.
  37. Opt – To make a choice or decision.
  38. Optimize – To make the best or most effective use of.
  39. Oust – To eject or force out.
  40. Oversee – To watch over and direct.
  41. Oblige – To require or compel.
  42. Overexert – To strain or use excessively.
  43. Overwhelm – To overpower in thought or feeling.
  44. Own – To have something as one’s possession.
  45. Officiate – To act as an official in charge of something, especially a sporting event.
  46. Ogle – To stare at in a lewd manner.
  47. Omit – To leave out or exclude.
  48. Osculate – A formal word meaning to kiss.
  49. Obfuscate – To render obscure or unclear.
  50. Object – To express disapproval or disagreement.

Taking a breath before we continue, it’s fascinating how a single letter can launch so many lively activities. But wait, there’s more:

  1. Opine – To express one’s view or opinion.
  2. Oppress – To keep under by unjust force.
  3. Ostracize – To exclude from a group.
  4. Overspend – To spend more than one can afford.
  5. Overlap – To extend over and cover a part of.
  6. Overpower – To defeat or overcome with superior strength.
  7. Overstate – To express in overly strong terms.
  8. Overturn – To turn over or upset.
  9. Overuse – To use too much or too often.
  10. Overwork – To work too hard or too long.
  11. Obey – To follow commands or instructions.
  12. Occur – To happen or take place.
  13. Offer – To present or give.
  14. Overtire – To exhaust or wear out.
  15. Oversimplify – To simplify to the point of error or distortion.
  16. Orate – To speak in a formal and eloquent manner.
  17. Outperform – To do better than.
  18. Overindulge – To indulge too much.
  19. Oversleep – To sleep longer than intended.
  20. Outvote – To surpass in the number of votes.
  21. Outweigh – To be heavier or more significant than.
  22. Overbuild – To build more than is necessary or sustainable.
  23. Overdose – To take an excessive amount.
  24. Outfox – To outwit.
  25. Outpace – To go or grow at a faster pace than.
  26. Outstrip – To surpass in speed or performance.
  27. Outstretch – To extend to full length.
  28. Overcook – To cook for too long.
  29. Overheat – To become excessively hot.
  30. Overkill – To go beyond what is necessary or acceptable.

Each word is not just a combination of letters, but a capsule of action, emotion, and intent. Imagine using these verbs to animate your conversations or writings!

  1. Overload – To load more than is necessary or safe.
  2. Overplay – To exaggerate or do in excess.
  3. Overreach – To try to do more than is possible.
  4. Overreact – To respond more emotionally or forcefully than is justified.
  5. Overshoot – To go beyond a target or limit.
  6. Overspeak – To speak presumptuously or without authority.
  7. Overspill – To flow over the sides.
  8. Overstay – To remain somewhere longer than is welcome or permissible.
  9. Overstep – To exceed a boundary or limit.
  10. Overtalk – To talk more than is necessary or polite.
  11. Overthink – To think about something too much or for too long.
  12. Overuse – To use something too frequently or in excessive amounts.
  13. Overwatch – To keep a vigilant watch over.
  14. Overwrite – To write over the surface of; to replace old data with new.
  15. Oxidate – To chemically combine with oxygen.
  16. Oxygenate – To supply, treat, or enrich with oxygen.
  17. Oversell – To sell more than what can be supplied.
  18. Overrate – To estimate too highly.
  19. Overfeed – To give too much food to.
  20. Overbear – To overcome or overpower.


Using action words effectively can enhance our expression and make our messages more vibrant.

Next time you’re seeking to add some oomph to your speech or writing, consider these dynamic verbs that start with “O”.

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