Top 40 Beautiful Arabic Girl Names that Start with ‘S’

Arabic names carry a deep historical and cultural significance.

Each name, like a lyrical poem, tells a story filled with profound meanings and delightful charm.

If you’re searching for an Arabic girl name that begins with ‘S’, this post is perfect for you.

Here, we unravel 40 beautiful Arabic girl names starting with ‘S’, each reflecting the richness of the Arabic language.

  1. Salma: A lovely name that means “peaceful.”
  2. Samira: This evocative name translates to “night companion.”
  3. Soraya: A beautiful name signifying “the Pleiades,” a star cluster in the Taurus constellation.
  4. Safiyah: Meaning “pure and serene.”
  5. Suhayla: This name signifies “easy, uncomplicated.”
  6. Saira: A simple yet elegant name that means “traveller.”
  7. Sabrina: Of Arabic and Latin origin, it means “from the river Severn.”
  8. Shukriya: This beautiful name translates to “thankful.”
  9. Sharifa: A noble name that signifies “honorable.”
  10. Shadia: This name translates to “singer.”

Arabic names often reflect the attributes parents wish their children to embody as they grow.

  1. Salimah: Meaning “safe or sound.”
  2. Samina: This beautiful name means “healthy, fertile.”
  3. Shakira: A name that signifies “grateful.”
  4. Sadia: This delightful name translates to “fortunate, blessed.”
  5. Shams: A beautiful name that signifies “sun.”
  6. Sarina: An appealing name meaning “serene, calm.”
  7. Sumaya: This name denotes “high above.”
  8. Safiya: Meaning “pure.”
  9. Shirina: This enchanting name translates to “sweet, pleasant.”
  10. Sarab: An Arabic name meaning “mirage.”

Remember, each name carries its unique charm and significance that can resonate with your little one’s identity.

  1. Saba: Meaning “morning.”
  2. Shahira: This striking name means “famous.”
  3. Safiyyah: A name that translates to “pure.”
  4. Shahd: This unique name signifies “honey.”
  5. Saja: A name that denotes “calm, quiet.”
  6. Souad: Meaning “luck.”
  7. Saja: This name translates to “quiet.”
  8. Samah: An Arabic name that means “generosity.”
  9. Shahla: This lovely name means “having bluish-black eyes.”
  10. Sabah: Meaning “morning.”

Let the unique melody and deep meaning of these Arabic names guide you to the perfect choice for your baby girl.

  1. Sahar: This evocative name translates to “dawn.”
  2. Salsabil: A unique name, it refers to a spring in Paradise in Islamic tradition.
  3. Samaira: This name means “enchanting.”
  4. Safiyya: A name that denotes “best friend.”
  5. Samya: Meaning “elevated, exalted.”
  6. Sabira: This meaningful name signifies “patient.”
  7. Shurouq: A unique name that translates to “sunrise.”
  8. Suhair: This name means “vigilant, watchful.”
  9. Samar: An Arabic name that signifies “evening conversations.”
  10. Sakina: This calming name means “tranquility, peace.”

Embarking on the adventure of finding the perfect name for your little princess can be an unforgettable journey.

This list of 40 Arabic girl names beginning with ‘S’ is a treasury designed to inspire and assist you on this path.

We hope you find a name that deeply resonates with the dreams and aspirations you hold for your child. Happy naming!

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