Top 40 Black Girl Names that Start with ‘S’

Choosing the perfect name for your little girl can be a journey filled with excitement and wonder.

A name is more than just a label; it carries with it meaning, history, and a sense of identity.

If you’re drawn to the beautiful and mellifluous sound of names beginning with ‘S’, then this list is for you.

Here, we’ve curated a list of 40 captivating Black girl names that start with ‘S’.

  1. Sabrina: A timeless classic with African-American roots.
  2. Sade: Of Nigerian origin, it means “honor confers a crown”.
  3. Sakina: An Arabic name meaning “peaceful and calm.”
  4. Salimah: In Arabic, it signifies “safe and sound.”
  5. Samara: With African roots, it means “guarded by God.”
  6. Sanaa: A Swahili name that means “work of art or beauty.”
  7. Sapphire: A unique and vibrant gemstone name.
  8. Sarafina: A beautiful African name that means “bright star.”
  9. Serena: Of Latin origin, it means “tranquil and serene.”
  10. Shanice: A modern American name often associated with grace and mercy.
  11. Shaniya: Of African-American origin, it signifies “God is gracious.”
  12. Sharifa: An Arabic name meaning “noble or honorable.”
  13. Shayla: A lovely name that means “from the fairy palace.”
  14. Sheila: With African roots, this name means “heaven.”
  15. Shereen: An Arabic name that means “sweet and pleasant.”
  16. Shontelle: An American name often associated with dignity and strength.
  17. Simone: With French roots, it means “one who hears.”
  18. Sondra: A name that signifies “defending men.”
  19. Soraya: An Arabic name meaning “the Pleiades.”
  20. Stella: A beautiful name of Latin origin, meaning “star.”
  21. Suri: A beautiful Swahili name meaning “sunrise.”
  22. Sasha: Of Russian origin, this name means “defender of mankind.”
  23. Sadie: An enduring classic name meaning “princess.”
  24. Sefora: A beautiful African name meaning “bird.”
  25. Shakira: An Arabic name meaning “grateful.”
  26. Sheena: A name of American origin, it signifies “God is gracious.”
  27. Shiloh: A Hebrew name meaning “peaceful.”
  28. Sia: A short and sweet African name meaning “helper.”
  29. Solange: A French origin name signifying “angel of the sun.”
  30. Soma: An African name meaning “giver.”
  31. Sonel: A rare name with African roots, meaning “God’s gift.”
  32. Sukey: A beautiful name of African origin, signifying “bright.”
  33. Suma: A name of African descent, which means “ask.”
  34. Surya: An Indian origin name, meaning “sun.”
  35. Sybil: This name of Latin origin means “prophetess.”
  36. Symone: An American take on Simone, also means “one who hears.”
  37. Sylvie: Of French origin, this name means “from the forest.”
  38. Synclaire: A modern name that resonates with clarity and brightness.
  39. Syreeta: Of Indian origin, it means “good traditions.”
  40. Serenity: A beautiful English word name that means “peaceful disposition.”

Each of these names holds a unique charm, just like your precious little one.

Choose one that resonates with you and your family the most, and that, you feel, would perfectly suit your daughter.

We wish you luck on your journey of naming your child, one of the first of many joyous steps in the adventure of parenthood.

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