Commercial Real Estate Letter of Intent

Navigating the complex world of commercial real estate transactions requires precision, attention to detail, and clear communication. One essential tool for initiating these transactions is the Letter of Intent (LOI).

Though non-binding, an LOI serves as a preliminary agreement between parties outlining key terms before delving into a legally binding contract.

Below are 30 comprehensive examples of Commercial Real Estate Letters of Intent, tailored for a range of specific situations.

1. Basic Property Purchase

Dear [Seller’s Name],

I am writing to express my intent to purchase the property located at [Address]. This letter outlines the basic terms under which I am willing to enter into a formal agreement. The proposed purchase price is [Price].

Looking forward to a positive association, [Your Name]

2. Office Space Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

Our company, [Your Company Name], is interested in leasing the office space located at [Address] for a period of [X Years]. The proposed monthly rent is [Price].

Eager to expand our operations, [Your Name]

3. Retail Space Acquisition

Dear [Seller’s Name],

We, at [Your Company Name], wish to acquire the retail space at [Address]. The anticipated purchase price is [Price].

Envisioning our brand’s growth, [Your Name]

4. Industrial Warehouse Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

To enhance our production capacity, we are keen on leasing the warehouse at [Address] for [X Years]. We propose a monthly rental of [Price].

Aiming for logistical excellence, [Your Name]

5. Multi-family Property Purchase

Dear [Seller’s Name],

Our investment group is interested in purchasing the multi-family property located at [Address]. We believe a fair purchase price would be [Price].

Exploring residential investments, [Your Name]

6. Land Acquisition for Development

Dear [Seller’s Name],

We aim to develop a [Type of Development, e.g., “residential complex”] and are interested in acquiring the land parcel at [Address]. Our proposed purchase price stands at [Price].

Building tomorrow’s landmarks, [Your Name]

7. Hotel Property Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

Our hospitality group is exploring the possibility of leasing the hotel located at [Address]. We are considering a lease term of [X Years] with a monthly rental of [Price].

Venturing into luxury experiences, [Your Name]

8. Office Space Sublease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

Due to recent organizational changes, we wish to sublease a portion of our office space at [Address]. We propose a monthly rent of [Price] for the subleased area.

Optimizing our workspace, [Your Name]

9. Franchise Location Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

We are planning to open a [Franchise Name] at [Address]. We’d like to propose a [X Year] lease with a monthly rental of [Price].

Expanding our franchise footprint, [Your Name]

10. Medical Facility Purchase

Dear [Seller’s Name],

To serve our community better, we intend to purchase the medical facility at [Address]. Our proposed buying price is [Price].

Committed to healthcare excellence, [Your Name]

11. Restaurant Space Lease Renewal

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

Our restaurant has flourished at [Address]. We’d like to renew our lease for another [X Years] and propose a revised monthly rent of [Price].

Serving culinary delights, [Your Name]

12. Shopping Mall Space Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

We aim to open a [Type of Store, e.g., “boutique”] in your mall at [Address]. We’re considering a lease term of [X Years] and are proposing a monthly rental of [Price].

Bringing retail innovations, [Your Name]

13. Sports Facility Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

With the increasing demand for sports and recreational facilities in our city, we’re keen on leasing the sports complex at [Address]. We envision a lease period of [X Years], with a monthly rental proposal of [Price].

Fostering community fitness and fun, [Your Name]

14. Agricultural Land Purchase

Dear [Seller’s Name],

Our agricultural firm sees potential in the plot at [Address] for organic farming. We’re inclined to purchase it, suggesting a purchase price of [Price].

Paving the path to organic produce, [Your Name]

15. Art Studio Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

Creativity thrives in inspiring spaces. Our artists are drawn to the studio space at [Address]. We propose a [X Year] lease term, with a monthly rental set at [Price].

Breathing life into art, [Your Name]

16. Automotive Showroom Purchase

Dear [Seller’s Name],

As our automotive brand grows, we see the showroom at [Address] as a potential flagship location. We’re proposing a purchase at [Price].

Revving up our brand presence, [Your Name]

17. Tech Park Lease Expansion

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

With our tech ventures scaling up, we need additional space in the tech park at [Address]. We’re looking at an extended lease term of [X Years], offering [Price] monthly.

Scaling innovation and infrastructure, [Your Name]

18. Theme Park Land Acquisition

Dear [Seller’s Name],

Our entertainment group envisions a theme park on the land at [Address]. We propose a purchase price of [Price].

Dreaming bigger, thrilling adventures, [Your Name]

19. Beachfront Property Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

The allure of the sea is undeniable. We’re interested in leasing the beachfront property at [Address] for [X Years]. We’re suggesting a monthly rent of [Price].

Crafting coastal experiences, [Your Name]

20. Brewery Purchase

Dear [Seller’s Name],

Our brewing company is expanding, and the facility at [Address] is a perfect fit. We’re proposing a purchase at the price of [Price].

Pouring passion into every pint, [Your Name]

21. Co-working Space Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

In today’s dynamic world, flexible workspaces are in demand. We’re looking to lease the space at [Address] to convert it into a co-working hub. We propose a [X Year] lease with a monthly rent of [Price].

Reimagining the modern workspace, [Your Name]

22. Music Venue Acquisition

Dear [Seller’s Name],

Our event management company finds the music venue at [Address] ideal for hosting concerts and events. We wish to acquire it for [Price].

Setting the stage for epic performances, [Your Name]

23. Spa and Wellness Center Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

To promote wellness and rejuvenation, we’re keen on leasing the facility at [Address] to establish a spa and wellness center. Our proposed lease duration is [X Years], with a monthly rent of [Price].

Promoting holistic health and harmony, [Your Name]

24. Luxury Resort Purchase

Dear [Seller’s Name],

We’ve always aimed to provide unparalleled luxury experiences. With this vision, we’re eager to purchase the resort at [Address], suggesting a purchase price of [Price].

Defining luxury escapes, [Your Name]

25. Digital Hub Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

As the digital age surges, we’re planning to set up a digital hub at [Address]. We’re suggesting a lease term of [X Years] at a monthly price of [Price].

Fostering digital dynamism, [Your Name]

26. Marina Dock Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

Our yacht club is expanding and requires additional docking space. The marina at [Address] seems ideal. We’re proposing a [X Year] lease at [Price] monthly.

Anchoring luxury yachting experiences, [Your Name]

27. Cinema Complex Acquisition

Dear [Seller’s Name],

The cinematic experience remains unbeatable. We wish to acquire the cinema complex at [Address] to bring top-tier movie experiences. Our proposed price stands at [Price].

Projecting cinematic magic, [Your Name]

28. Luxury Condominium Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

City living with a touch of luxury is always in demand. We are considering leasing the condominium complex at [Address] for [X Years]. We propose a monthly rent of [Price].

Crafting luxurious city living, [Your Name]

29. Historical Site Purchase

Dear [Seller’s Name],

Preserving our cultural heritage is paramount. We are keen on acquiring the historical site at [Address] for restoration and public access. Our purchase offer stands at [Price].

Guarding historical treasures, [Your Name]

30. Organic Farm Lease

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

With the growing demand for organic produce, we wish to lease the farm at [Address] to cultivate organic crops. We’re suggesting a [X Year] lease period with a monthly rent of [Price].

Planting seeds of organic goodness, [Your Name]


Crafting a precise and clear Letter of Intent is the first step towards ensuring a smooth commercial real estate transaction.

These examples should assist stakeholders in articulating their intentions and setting the stage for fruitful negotiations.

Happy property hunting! 🏢

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