100+ Five Letter Words That Start With O and End With E

Delving into the world of words, especially the ones bounded by specific constraints, is like undertaking a thrilling lexical treasure hunt.

Here’s a curated list of 100 words that start with the letter ‘O’ and conclude with an ‘E’, all while capturing an expansive range of meanings and nuances within the span of just five letters.

Come along, and let’s decode these intriguing gems together.

5 Letter Words That Start With O and End With E

  1. Olive – A small oval fruit with a hard stone and bitter flesh. It’s also a symbol of peace or victory.
  2. Ozone – A form of oxygen with molecules made up of three oxygen atoms. It’s critical in protecting us from the sun’s UV rays.
  3. Oxide – A chemical compound that contains at least one oxygen atom and one other element.
  4. Outre – Striking and bizarre, typically referencing fashion or style.
  5. Opine – To express one’s view or opinion.
  6. Ogive – An arch, or the diagonal rib of a vault in architecture.
  7. Offie – A colloquial term often used to describe an off-licence or liquor store.
  8. Obole – An ancient Greek silver coin, small and of little value.
  9. Orate – To make a formal speech, especially with great passion.
  10. Oriole – A colorful passerine bird, primarily found in the Americas.
  11. Obese – Having an excessive amount of body fat.
  12. Ovule – The part of the ovary that becomes the seed when fertilized.
  13. Ounce – A unit of weight, or a small amount of something.
  14. Outie – A navel that sticks out, the opposite of “innie”.
  15. Owlee – A playful term for someone who’s up at night, like an owl.
  16. Osprey – A large fish-eating bird of prey.
  17. Ochre – An earthy pigment ranging from yellow to deep orange or brown.
  18. Outer – Located on the outside or external part.
  19. Oggle – To stare at something, especially in a greedy or lascivious manner.
  20. Obole – An ancient silver coin used in Greece.
  21. Osmose – The process by which molecules move through a semi-permeable membrane into a region of higher concentration.
  22. Outage – A temporary disruption of power supply or services.
  23. Ovate – Egg-shaped.
  24. Outvie – To outdo in a competition.
  25. Orpine – A type of succulent known for its pink flowers.
  26. Outsee – To surpass in foresight or vision.
  27. Oxhide – The hide of an ox, or a measure of land supposedly equivalent to the area one could cover with an ox’s hide.
  28. Omelet – A dish made by beating and frying eggs.
  29. Outage – A period when something, such as electricity, is not available.
  30. Oracle – A priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom prophecies were given.
  31. Outlie – To lie outside of a certain area.
  32. Outate – A playful term meaning “ate outside” or had an outdoor meal.
  33. Orache – A type of plant often used as a substitute for spinach.
  34. Onside – Legally positioned in a game, especially in terms of football or soccer.
  35. Onyxes – Plural of onyx, a type of precious stone.
  36. Occure – An archaic spelling of ‘occur.’
  37. Ocreae – Protective sheaths around the bases of the stalks of certain plants.
  38. Ovines – Related to or resembling sheep.
  39. Operas – Plural of opera, a theatrical piece combining music and drama.
  40. Owllike – Resembling or characteristic of an owl.
  41. Orates – Third person singular of ‘orate,’ which means to speak out loudly.
  42. Obviate – To remove a need or difficulty; to avoid or prevent.
  43. Optimize – To make something as good or effective as possible.
  44. Opiate – A drug derived from opium.
  45. Outpace – To surpass in speed.
  46. Outride – To ride better or faster than someone.
  47. Outvote – To surpass in the number of votes.
  48. Overuse – To use something excessively.
  49. Obverse – The opposite or counterpart of a fact or truth; the side of a coin or medal bearing the head or principal design.
  50. Ochone – An expression of sorrow or regret.
  51. Offence – A breach of a law or rule; an illegal act.
  52. Opiates – Plural of opiate; drugs with morphine-like effects.
  53. Obelize – To mark a word or phrase as incorrect or doubtful.
  54. Outfire – To surpass in firepower.
  55. Observe – To notice or watch carefully.
  56. Oblique – Neither parallel nor at a right angle; slanting.
  57. Orifice – An opening, such as a hole or vent.
  58. Outsize – Larger than usual or average.
  59. Outrode – Past tense of out-ride.
  60. Ordeals – Painful or horrific experiences.
  61. Outlive – Live longer than someone.
  62. Orblike – Resembling an orb; spherical.
  63. Outmove – To surpass in motion or strategy.
  64. Outsole – The outer sole of a shoe.
  65. Outwore – Past tense of outwear.
  66. Ordures – Waste material; excrement.
  67. Overtone – A subtle quality or atmosphere accompanying something.
  68. Outwrite – To write more or better than another.
  69. Overcome – To succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty.
  70. Overdose – An excessive amount, especially of a drug leading to adverse reactions.

With this delightful range of words, you’re equipped not just with an expanded vocabulary, but with a myriad of stories and meanings encapsulated in just five letters.

Dive into the stories each word tells, and let them inspire your own tales!

  1. Ostiole – A small opening or orifice, typically in fungi.
  2. Outmode – To cause to become out of fashion or obsolete.
  3. Overshoe – A protective shoe worn over a regular shoe, usually for rain or snow.
  4. Overcome – To successfully handle or overcome a challenge.
  5. Outvoice – To surpass in volume or intensity of voice.
  6. Overrule – To reject or nullify a decision or proposal.
  7. Overripe – Overly mature or past its best, typically used for fruits.
  8. Overdine – To eat excessively during a dinner.
  9. Overpage – A page that exceeds its expected limit, often used in publishing.
  10. Overrode – Past tense of override; to use authority to reject or cancel.
  11. Overdone – Cooked too much or excessively elaborated.
  12. Overgore – To cover excessively in blood (a more poetic, rare usage).
  13. Outliner – A person or thing that outlines or a tool in software used for arranging information hierarchically.
  14. Overlook – To fail to notice or to offer a view from above.
  15. Outshine – To shine or appear brighter than.
  16. Overhang – Something that overhangs, like a cliff or an eave.
  17. Outflank – To go around the side of an enemy force.
  18. Outscore – To achieve a higher score than.
  19. Outsmart – To defeat or get the better of by being clever or cunning.
  20. Outdrive – To drive faster or further than.
  21. Outbrave – To be more brave than; to defy.
  22. Outbleed – To bleed more than someone or something else.
  23. Outbound – Directed outwards or to the outside.
  24. Overturn – To cause to tip over or to change a decision.
  25. Overwork – To work too hard or too long; to make excessive use of.
  26. Outfield – The part of a field farthest from the batsman in cricket or the area of the field in baseball where outfielders play.
  27. Oversave – To save more than necessary, often financially.
  28. Outbreak – A sudden occurrence or increase, often of disease or conflict.
  29. Overdraw – To withdraw money exceeding one’s account balance.
  30. Overplay – To make something seem more important than it really is.


And there you have it!

A rollercoaster ride through the O’s and the fascinating tapestry they weave in our language.

It’s astounding to see how one single letter, combined in various ways, can capture such a diverse range of meanings and emotions. Whether you’re a wordsmith, a trivia enthusiast, or just someone looking to enhance their vocabulary, I hope you found this journey as enlightening as I did.

Keep exploring words, for every letter hides countless worlds waiting to be discovered.

Until next time, happy word-hunting, and remember, the O’s are just the beginning!

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