100 Four Letter Words That Start With O

Ahoy, word enthusiasts!

If you’ve ever embarked on a crossword puzzle or played a game of Scrabble, you know the golden value of a succinct, four-letter word.

They’re the unsung heroes of our linguistic arsenal.

Today, we’ll be taking a journey, specifically through words that start with the letter ‘O’.

Let’s unpack 100 of them:

4 Letter Words That Start With O Examples

  1. Oaks: Sturdy trees known for their strength and longevity. They often symbolize wisdom and endurance.
  2. Oars: Paddles used to row boats. It reminds us of tranquil mornings by the lake.
  3. Oats: A cereal grain, the breakfast choice for many seeking a healthy start to their day.
  4. Obis: Traditional sashes worn with kimono in Japanese culture. A blend of functionality and style.
  5. Oboe: A woodwind musical instrument with a unique, haunting sound. Think of orchestral solos!
  6. Odes: Poetic songs or lyricals. They’re written in honor or praise of something or someone.
  7. Ogle: To look at with admiration or desire. We’ve all had moments where something catches our eye.
  8. Okra: A green vegetable, popular in Southern cooking, especially gumbo.
  9. Olds: Refers to things that are not new or things from the past.
  10. Oleo: Another term for margarine. Quite a vintage word, you’d hear it in older kitchens.
  11. Omit: To leave out or exclude. Sometimes, less is more.
  12. Once: Refers to a single instance in time. Reminds us that moments are fleeting.
  13. Oozy: Something that oozes, like mud or goo. Think of squishy terrains after the rain.
  14. Opal: A gemstone that displays a variety of colors. It’s like having a rainbow at your fingertips.
  15. Open: Uncovered, accessible. It’s both an action and an invitation.
  16. Opus: A work, especially of music. Beethoven had his masterpieces; what’s yours?
  17. Orbs: Spheres or spherical objects. Often refers to celestial bodies or eyes.
  18. Ores: Naturally occurring minerals or rocks from which metal can be extracted. Mining treasures!
  19. Oust: To remove or eject from a position. Like when you oust an old item to make space for the new.
  20. Outs: Exits or ways to escape.
  21. Oval: Egg-shaped; not quite a circle, not quite a rectangle, but somewhere delightfully in between.
  22. Oven: Where culinary magic happens, from baking bread to roasting chicken.
  23. Over: Above or more than. Often hints at abundance.
  24. Owes: Being in debt or having an obligation to someone. It’s about accountability.
  25. Owls: Nocturnal birds of prey. Known for their wise demeanor and silent flight.
  26. Owns: To possess or have something as property.
  27. Oxen: Plural for ox, a beast of burden. They’ve been aiding humans in agriculture for ages.
  28. Oyer: A legal term referring to a hearing or an inquest.
  29. Ooze: Slowly trickle or seep out. Imagine the slow crawl of lava.
  30. Onto: Referring to the awareness or realization of something.
  31. Opah: A large deep-sea fish with a colorful body. A treat for deep-sea divers and ocean enthusiasts.
  32. Oral: Relating to the mouth or spoken rather than written.
  33. Orby: Resembling an orb; circular.
  34. Orca: Killer whales, apex predators of the ocean. Beautiful, yet formidable.
  35. Ordo: A list specifying the order of religious ceremonies.
  36. Ores: Raw materials that are processed to extract metals.
  37. Orle: A border or an edge, especially in heraldry.
  38. Orra: Odd, strange, or different. Scottish in origin.
  39. Orts: Scraps or remains of food. Leftovers from a hearty meal.
  40. Ouch: An exclamation of pain. Also refers to a decorative clasp or brooch.
  41. Ouds: Plural for oud, a stringed musical instrument. Central to Middle Eastern music.
  42. Ours: Possessive form of ‘we’. It’s all about collective ownership.
  43. Oust: To remove or take out, usually from a position or role.
  44. Outa: Colloquial for “out of”. E.g., “I’m outa here!”
  45. Outs: Exits or ways to escape. Could be literal or metaphorical.
  46. Oval: An egg-shaped figure or form.
  47. Ovum: A mature female reproductive cell. Essential to the creation of life.
  48. Owly: Resembling an owl. It could refer to appearance or demeanor.
  49. Oxid: To combine with oxygen, like when metals rust.
  50. Oyer: A formal hearing.
  51. Ooze: A type of soft mud or slime, often found at the bottom of rivers or lakes. Remember those squelchy sounds when you step in mud?
  52. Opal: A beautiful gemstone known for its play-of-color. Like a rainbow trapped inside.
  53. Opes: An old term, often poetic, referring to openings.
  54. Opts: To make a choice or decision. Like when you opt for dessert even after a full meal.
  55. Orts: Small scraps left from meals. Your grandma might say, “No orts left behind!”
  56. Oses: Sugars or carbohydrates. Important stuff for those who dig into the science of foods.
  57. Oust: To remove or eject. Like ousting a misbehaving attendee from a meeting.
  58. Outs: Ways to exit or leave. Also used in sports to refer to players being declared out.
  59. Oval: A rounded shape, kind of like an elongated circle. The shape of most racetracks!
  60. Oven: That magical kitchen appliance turning raw cookie dough into heavenly treats.
  61. Over: More than the required or anticipated amount. Like when you pour milk and it spills over.
  62. Owls: Those mysterious birds that turn their heads almost all the way around. Wizards seem to like them!
  63. Owse: An old term meaning to owe or be obligated to someone.
  64. Oxen: Sturdy beasts of burden. Without them, history’s heavy lifting would’ve been much tougher.
  65. Oyer: A hearing or review of evidence. Sounds like courtroom stuff!
  66. Oyes: An old way to call attention, like a town crier’s shout.
  67. Ooze: This one’s worth repeating. It’s all about slowly trickling or seeping out, like lava.
  68. Oxim: A chemical compound containing oxygen and nitrogen.
  69. Oleo: Remember this one? Yep, it’s margarine! Your toast’s best friend.
  70. Olla: A ceramic jar, often used in Spain and Latin America.
  71. Ollo: A climber’s hold that is characterized by a hole in the rock. Handy for those vertical endeavors!
  72. Onos: It’s the plural form of ‘ono’, which refers to a type of fish, specifically the wahoo. Tasty when grilled!
  73. Onto: Being aware or cognizant of something.
  74. Oops: That moment you realize you’ve made a small blunder. We’ve all been there.
  75. Opah: We’ve touched on this one! A beautiful, large deep-sea fish.
  76. Opie: An affectionate term for a simple or naive person.
  77. Orad: Moving away from the mouth. Think opposite of ‘inward’.
  78. Orbs: Those beautiful spheres, especially when referring to luminous objects or eyes.
  79. Orca: Majestic killer whales, rulers of the sea. Also known for their beautiful black and white patterns.
  80. Orgy: Historically, wild parties dedicated to Bacchus, the god of wine. Nowadays, it often has more adult connotations.
  81. Orle: A heraldic term, it’s like a border within a shield.
  82. Orra: Scottish term for the odd and miscellaneous. Handy for those garage items!
  83. Orts: Those little bits of leftover food after a feast.
  84. Oslo: Not just a capital city in Norway, but also a term in various card games!
  85. Otto: Essential oil derived from flowers. Often used in perfumery.
  86. Ouzo: A popular anise-flavored aperitif from Greece. Makes you think of Mediterranean evenings.
  87. Oval: Yes, it’s repeated, but worth it! Like a race track or an elegant frame for a portrait.
  88. Oven: The magical box in which raw ingredients transform into culinary delights.
  89. Over: More than; an excess.
  90. Owly: Resembling or characteristic of an owl, especially in being wise or serious.
  91. Oxid: A process wherein substances combine with oxygen, like rusting.
  92. Oyez: An old call for silence or attention, especially in court.
  93. Oyes: An archaic shout to draw attention.
  94. Ozos: A very rare term, referring to an ancient Asian wind instrument.
  95. Otto: That fragrant essence again! Derived especially from rose petals.
  96. Ouzo: Think of Greek tavernas and clinking glasses!
  97. Owes: Debts or obligations, moral or monetary.
  98. Owse: To owe, or be under obligation.
  99. Oxen: Those sturdy bovines that have been humanity’s helpers for ages.
  100. Oyez: Calling out for attention, often in legal settings. A term with history.


Each word carries its unique story and significance, and there’s beauty in understanding and appreciating their nuances.

Stay tuned for the next half in our upcoming posts, and until then, keep exploring the wondrous world of words!

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