100 French Words That Start With E

Bonjour, mes amis! French, often referred to as the language of love, has a unique allure. Today, we’ll dive deep into this magnificent language, exploring 100 words that begin with the letter ‘E’. Whether you’re a budding linguist or simply love learning about cultures, this list is a treat for you!

  1. École – School
  2. Étudiant – Student
  3. Été – Summer
  4. Étoile – Star
  5. Éclair – Lightning (or a delicious pastry!)
  6. Écran – Screen
  7. Écrire – To write
  8. Écouter – To listen
  9. Échapper – To escape
  10. Étagère – Shelf

  1. Énergie – Energy
  2. Énorme – Enormous
  3. Élégant – Elegant
  4. Émotion – Emotion
  5. Événement – Event
  6. Économie – Economy
  7. Évolution – Evolution
  8. Évaluer – To evaluate
  9. Évidence – Obviousness
  10. Émerveiller – To marvel

  1. Équipage – Crew
  2. Élément – Element
  3. Étranger – Foreigner/Stranger
  4. Épicerie – Grocery store
  5. Éditeur – Editor/Publisher
  6. Émission – Broadcast/Show
  7. Épais – Thick
  8. Épuisé – Exhausted (or out of stock)
  9. Échec – Failure (or chess)
  10. Éponge – Sponge

  1. Étanche – Watertight
  2. Équation – Equation
  3. Élever – To raise or to elevate
  4. Église – Church
  5. Éternuer – To sneeze
  6. Éclaircir – To clarify
  7. Équilibre – Balance
  8. Éteindre – To extinguish or turn off
  9. Évidemment – Obviously
  10. Érable – Maple
  11. Échelle – Ladder. Remember the one you borrowed from your neighbor Pierre and forgot to return? Yeah, he still remembers.
  12. Épaule – Shoulder. Great for shrugging, especially when you don’t know the answer in French class.
  13. Éponge – Sponge. Ideal for soaking up spilled wine…or tears from watching French films.
  14. Éplucher – To peel. Something I’ve done with grapes, because why not?
  15. Époque – Era. Like when berets were the height of fashion… Wait, aren’t they still?
  16. Épouse – Wife. Not to be confused with “blouse” which is… well, not a person.
  17. Épreuve – Test or trial. Like the time I tried to make coq au vin and it became coq au “vin’t it supposed to taste better?”
  18. Équerre – Set square. For those precise French engineers and students who need their angles right.
  19. Équilibré – Balanced. Like a French diet of wine, cheese, and…more wine.
  20. Érudit – Scholarly. Think big glasses and even bigger books.
  21. Érudition – Learning. The process of realizing French is more than just “Oui” and “Non.”
  22. Éspérer – To hope. Like how I hope my pronunciation doesn’t make my French teacher cringe.
  23. Essor – Rise or boom. Like the sudden popularity of macarons everywhere.
  24. Étable – Stable. No, not a place to dine, but for horses to hang out.
  25. Étain – Tin. Not flashy, but super handy.
  26. Étape – Stage or step. As in, “I’m at the ‘can order a croissant without panicking’ stage of learning French.”
  27. Étendre – To extend or spread. Like how I spread my love for French bread.
  28. Éternel – Eternal. Like my love for French cinema.
  29. Éthéré – Ethereal. Like the feeling inside a vintage Parisian bookshop.
  30. Étincelle – Spark. What you feel when you finally get that tricky French phrase right.
  31. Étire – Stretch. Necessary after eating your weight in escargot.
  32. Étoffe – Material. From which dreams, and sometimes curtains, are made.
  33. Étriqué – Tight. Like some of those Parisian alleyways… or jeans after the holidays.
  34. Étude – Study. Something I did religiously for five minutes before getting distracted by French music videos.
  35. Éventail – Fan. The handheld kind, not the “I adore French films” kind, though both are cool.
  36. Éventer – To fan oneself. What I do when the French sun feels a touch too friendly.
  37. Évier – Sink. Where hopes of cooking a perfect boeuf bourguignon often end up.
  38. Évincer – To oust or evict. Like how my cat feels when I bring home a new plant.
  39. Éviter – To avoid. Like dodging spoilers for the latest French drama series.
  40. Évoluer – To evolve. Like my French accent, which went from “painfully American” to “mildly European.”
  41. Écluse – Lock. And no, not the love locks on Paris bridges which had their own tale of weighty love.
  42. Éloge – Praise. Like when you finally pronounce “croissant” right and everyone claps… in your mind.
  43. Éloigné – Distant. Like that café in Paris that’s worth every step.
  44. Élu – Elected. Because even in French, politics is… well, politics.
  45. Élucider – To elucidate. Sounds fancy in English, sounds even fancier in French.
  46. Émulsion – Emulsion. Science sounds better in French, don’t you think?
  47. Énigme – Enigma. Something mysterious, like why French dogs look so sophisticated.
  48. Entrecôte – Rib steak. Yum? Triple yum!
  49. Éparpiller – To scatter. Like the breadcrumbs in a French park, teasing the pigeons.
  50. Éphémère – Ephemeral. Like the lifespan of my New Year resolutions.
  51. Éploré – Distraught. How I feel when the patisserie runs out of éclairs.
  52. Éponyme – Eponymous. A fancy way of saying “named after.”
  53. Épouvante – Terror. Like that moment you think you’ve forgotten your French vocabulary right before a test.
  54. Éprouver – To experience or feel. Which is what we’re doing with these words, aren’t we?
  55. Épice – Spice. The secret behind that kick in your bouillabaisse.
  56. Équinoxe – Equinox. Because the French sun has its schedule, and it’s poetically punctual.
  57. Équivoque – Ambiguous. Like when your French friend says something that could either be a compliment or…not.
  58. Érable – Maple. Yes, the French appreciate some good maple syrup, too.
  59. Érosion – Erosion. Apparently, even rocks find French weather hard to resist.
  60. Éruption – Eruption. Volcanoes? Drama? A breakout after trying snails? Could be anything!
  61. Échafaud – Scaffold. The less glamorous side of those beautiful Parisian renovations.
  62. Échange – Exchange. Like those fun moments in a foreign language where you both laugh, but neither knows why.
  63. Écharpe – Scarf. Essential Parisian accessory, come rain or shine.
  64. Échec – Failure or check in chess. Also, how I feel when I accidentally order snails instead of salad.
  65. Écho – Echo. Shout “Bonjour” in the Alps and wait for it…
  66. Éclatant – Brilliant or dazzling. Like the smile of a Frenchman in love.
  67. Écrou – Nut (as in bolts). Because even mechanics sound sophisticated in French.
  68. Édenté – Toothless. Hopefully not the result of too many sweets!
  69. Édifiant – Edifying. Like the feeling you get after finishing a French novel.
  70. Édulcorant – Sweetener. Because sometimes, life in France needs a little extra sweetness.


I hope you enjoyed this quirky twist on French ‘E’ words.

And hey, next time you drop an “Écouter” or “Émotion” in conversation, just remember the fun stories behind them.

French is not just a language; it’s an adventure! So, ready for more ‘E’ escapades? Let me know!

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