Hardship Letter for Immigration for a Friend

When a dear friend faces immigration challenges,

writing a compelling hardship letter can help sway the decision in their favor. Your testimony to their character and the challenges their deportation might cause can make a world of difference.

Here are 20 examples for writing such a letter on behalf of a friend:

Hardship Letter for Immigration for a Friend Examples

1. Long-lasting Friendship

“Dear [Authority],

I’ve had the privilege of knowing [Friend’s Name] for over a decade. Their removal would mean an irreplaceable loss in my life.”

2. Pillar of the Community

“Dear [Authority],

[Friend’s Name] has been a vital member of our community, contributing both time and resources. Their absence would create a void hard to fill.”

3. Emotional Support

“Dear [Authority],

During my personal challenges, [Friend’s Name] has been my emotional anchor. Their possible deportation would leave me without crucial support.”

4. Joint Ventures

“Dear [Authority],

Together, [Friend’s Name] and I have initiated community programs that have benefited many. Their removal would jeopardize these projects.”

5. Mutual Financial Commitments

“Dear [Authority],

We’ve jointly invested in business endeavors. Their departure would not only strain our ventures but could lead to financial losses.”

6. Shared Educational Pursuits

“Dear [Authority],

[Friend’s Name] and I are academic peers. Their removal would disrupt our joint research and shared academic pursuits.”

7. Influence on Children

“Dear [Authority],

[Friend’s Name] is a role model for my children. They’ve learned values and cultural nuances from them. Their absence would be deeply felt by my family.”

8. Cultural Contributions

“Dear [Authority],

[Friend’s Name] has brought rich cultural insights into our community, fostering diversity and mutual respect.”

9. Shared Responsibilities

“Dear [Authority],

Together, we’ve taken on responsibilities in our community association. Their absence would leave many tasks unattended.”

10. Mutual Care During Illness

“Dear [Authority],

When I was ill, [Friend’s Name] was instrumental in my care. I cannot imagine facing another health challenge without them by my side.”

11. Sports and Recreational Partner

“Dear [Authority],

Together, we engage in community sports, promoting health and teamwork. Their absence would disrupt our team and community spirit.”

12. Spiritual Growth

“Dear [Authority],

[Friend’s Name] and I are part of a spiritual group, and their insights and companionship have been invaluable for my spiritual growth.”

13. Collective Social Initiatives

“Dear [Authority],

Together, we’ve initiated social campaigns, raising awareness on important issues. Their removal would hinder our collective efforts.”

14. Emotional Stability

“Dear [Authority],

During personal crises, [Friend’s Name] has provided me with emotional stability. Losing them would be detrimental to my mental well-being.”

15. Shared Artistic Endeavors

“Dear [Authority],

We collaborate on various artistic projects, contributing to the local art scene. Their departure would be a loss to our shared passion and the community.”

16. Mutual Educational Commitments

“Dear [Authority],

Together, we tutor underprivileged kids in our community. [Friend’s Name]’s removal would deprive these children of a dedicated teacher.”

17. Co-volunteer in Charities

“Dear [Authority],

We volunteer at local charities, and [Friend’s Name] has always shown exceptional commitment. Their absence would be a significant loss.”

18. Mutual Environmental Projects

“Dear [Authority],

Together, we’ve launched environmental projects in our locality. Their removal would adversely affect our green initiatives.”

19. Shared Travel Experiences

“Dear [Authority],

We’ve explored many parts of the world together, sharing enriching experiences. It’s hard to imagine future journeys without them.”

20. Mutual Growth and Development

“Dear [Authority],

Our friendship with [Friend’s Name] has been a journey of mutual growth. Their departure would profoundly affect my personal development.”


A heartfelt letter detailing the impact of a friend’s potential deportation can be pivotal in immigration considerations.

While these examples can guide you, personal anecdotes and genuine sentiments will add more weight to your plea.

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