Harvard Rejection Letter Swag

Ah, Harvard – the dream of many high-achieving students.

But with an acceptance rate hovering around a mere 5%, rejection is, unfortunately, a reality for many hopefuls.

How we respond to setbacks says a lot about our character. So, why not face that ‘no’ with a bit of humor, dignity, and, yes, swagger?

Here are 20 swag responses to a Harvard rejection letter:

Harvard Rejection Letter Swag Examples

1. The Gratitude Guru

“Dear Harvard Admissions,

Thank you for your recent letter. The kind of efficiency and speed with which you rejected me was truly commendable. It’s clear that you are as exceptional in rejecting as you are in teaching. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes, [Your Name]”

2. The Future Forecaster

“Dear Admissions Committee,

Thank you for your decision. While I won’t be joining Harvard this year, who knows? Maybe in the future, I’ll be on your Board of Trustees or delivering a commencement speech. Life is full of surprises!

With future visions, [Your Name]”

3. The Reality Star

“Dear Harvard,

Thanks for the letter! It’s been a roller-coaster ride. Don’t be surprised if you see my rejection story on a reality show someday. We might even use this letter in the opening scene.

Stay tuned, [Your Name]”

4. The Bucket Lister

“Hello Harvard,

Well, getting rejected by an Ivy was on my bucket list, so thanks for helping me check that one off. On to the next adventure!

Adventurously yours, [Your Name]”

5. The Optimistic Observer

“Dear Admissions Team,

Your rejection letter made me realize two things: One, Harvard paper quality is top-notch. Two, life goes on. Thanks for the clarity and the quality!

Paper appreciator, [Your Name]”

6. The Literary Lover

“Hello Harvard,

‘Rejection, though it sting, often is the universe’s way of pointing us towards a new direction.’ Just thought I’d drop some literary flair to say, thanks for the new direction!

Poetically, [Your Name]”

7. The Starry-eyed Dreamer

“Dear Admissions,

Space has billions of stars, and while Harvard is undoubtedly one, there’s a whole galaxy out there for me to explore. Thanks for reminding me of the vastness of the universe!

Stargazing onwards, [Your Name]”

8. The Trendsetter

“Hey Harvard,

Thanks for the letter! You might’ve started a trend here because several other Ivies followed suit with your decision. Being a trendsetter feels pretty good.

Fashionably forward, [Your Name]”

9. The Digital Dynamo

“Dear Harvard,

Got your letter. Good thing I’m skilled in Photoshop for those family holiday cards. Jokes apart, here’s to digital dreams and future endeavors!

Digitally, [Your Name]”

10. The Lighthearted Laugh

“Hi Harvard,

Wanted to say thanks for the letter. It came in handy as a coaster for my celebratory ‘life goes on’ ice cream sundae last night.

Cheers to more sundaes, [Your Name]”

11. The Eco Enthusiast

“Dear Harvard Admissions,

Thanks for your letter. I’ve decided to repurpose it into an eco-friendly, reusable shopping bag. Your decision will now contribute to saving the planet. Win-win!

Eco-warrior, [Your Name]”

12. The Ambitious Adventurer

“Hey there Harvard,

Your campus might be out of the picture for now, but the world is my campus. Time to backpack through Europe and find some new classrooms!

Globally, [Your Name]”

13. The Upbeat Underdog

“Dear Harvard,

Thanks for rooting for the underdog – because every protagonist faces setbacks before their ultimate triumph.

Heroically, [Your Name]”

14. The Fortune Foreteller

“Hello Harvard,

Received your letter. Checked my fortune cookie the same day, and it said, ‘One closed door leads to several open windows.’ Feeling breezy!

With future cookies, [Your Name]”

15. The Sassy Scholar

“Dear Admissions,

Your rejection made me rethink. If I can handle this with sass, style, and an intact self-worth, I’m ready for anything. Harvard who?

With a swag step, [Your Name]”

16. The Gracious Go-getter

“Hey Harvard,

I might not be in your class of 202X, but I’m still class-apart. Thanks for the note!

Classy and sassy, [Your Name]”

17. The Zen Master

“Dear Harvard Admissions,

Your letter arrived. I meditated. I realized attachment is the root of all suffering. I am now detached and free. Namaste.

Peacefully, [Your Name]”

18. The Reflective Reject

“Hello Harvard,

The mirror told me today, ‘Rejections don’t reflect your worth.’ So, thanks for the introspection session!

Reflectively, [Your Name]”

19. The Witty Winner

“Dear Admissions Team,

Thanks for the decision. Now, I have a great conversation starter at parties, ‘You know, when Harvard rejected me…’ Instant icebreaker!

Conversing onwards, [Your Name]”

20. The Cosmic Connector

“Hi Harvard,

I took a moment post your letter to stargaze. The universe whispered, ‘There’s a plan.’ So, while our stars didn’t align this time, I’m cosmic and connected.

To infinity, [Your Name]”


Facing rejection can be tough, but these swag responses remind us that it’s possible to handle such moments with grace, humor, and style.

Remember, you’re not defined by a letter, but by how you respond to it.

So, chin up, and on to the next adventure!

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