Top 40 Alluring Irish Girl Names that Start with ‘S’

Irish names possess a charming blend of whimsy, tradition, and profound meanings.

If you’re on the lookout for an Irish girl name that begins with ‘S’, we’ve got just the list for you.

Here, we unveil 40 alluring Irish girl names starting with ‘S’ that may just be the perfect fit for your little lass.

  1. Saoirse: Pronounced as “seer-sha,” this beautiful name means “freedom.”
  2. Siobhan: A lovely name that translates to “God is gracious.”
  3. Sheila: A classic Irish name that means “heaven.”
  4. Shannon: Derived from a famous Irish river, it signifies “wise river.”
  5. Sinead: This name translates to “God’s gracious gift.”
  6. Sadhbh: Pronounced as “sive,” it means “sweet or goodly.”
  7. Sorcha: This unique name means “bright, radiant.”
  8. Sibeal: An Irish version of “Isabel,” it means “pledged to God.”
  9. Siun: A delightful Irish name meaning “God is gracious.”
  10. Sibeal: This name is an Irish form of “Elizabeth” and means “God is my oath.”

Choosing a name is one of the first and most enduring gifts you’ll give your child.

Consider a name that echoes your aspirations and dreams for them.

  1. Sionann: Meaning “possessor of wisdom,” this is the Irish form of Shannon.
  2. Sionna: An Irish name meaning “possessor of wisdom.”
  3. Slaine: This name signifies “health.”
  4. Sorley: A unique name that means “summer sailor.”
  5. Sabia: This lovely name translates to “sweet.”
  6. Scota: Meaning “the Scottish,” it’s believed to be the name of an ancient princess.
  7. Sadb: This unique name means “goodness.”
  8. Saidhbhin: An Irish name that translates to “little, lovable one.”
  9. Sal: A cute and short name meaning “near the sea.”
  10. Seana: This Irish name means “God is gracious.”

Irish names carry a deep cultural heritage, evoking the rich history and folklore of Ireland.

Dive into the meanings, and let them inspire you.

  1. Siomha: Meaning “peaceful, gentle.”
  2. Slaine: This lovely name signifies “health.”
  3. Sileas: An Irish variant of “Cecilia,” it means “blind.”
  4. Siné: A feminine name that means “God has favoured.”
  5. Siofra: A modern Irish name meaning “sprite or changeling.”
  6. Soirse: Meaning “freedom, liberty.”
  7. Sorcha: This traditional Irish name means “bright, shining.”
  8. Scolaighe: A unique Irish name meaning “people of the shadows.”
  9. Sonas: This Irish name means “happiness.”
  10. Suin: Meaning “well-disposed, good.”

A name holds a special significance.

It forms a key part of your child’s identity, and it’s a word that will stay with them for their entire life.

Choose a name that speaks to your heart.

  1. Sadb: This beautiful Irish name means “sweetness or goodness.”
  2. Sorley: A unique name meaning “summer sailor.”
  3. Seosaimhin: This name translates to “God shall add.”
  4. Sláine: Pronounced “slawn-a,” it means “health.”
  5. Siún: This lovely name translates to “God is gracious.”
  6. Sinéidin: An Irish name meaning “God is gracious.”
  7. Soléne: This French and Irish name means “solemn.”
  8. Sorcha: Meaning “bright or radiant.”
  9. Siobhra: This name means “elf, sprite or changeling.”
  10. Scathach: Meaning “shadowy,” it’s the name of a legendary warrior woman in Irish mythology.

In this curated list of 40 Irish girl names beginning with ‘S’, we hope you find a name that reflects the charm, vibrance, and beauty you anticipate in your little one’s journey.

May the name you select bring joy and good fortune to your child’s life. Happy naming!

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