Top 40 Charming Japanese Girl Names that Start with ‘S’

When it comes to rich traditions and fascinating cultures, Japan stands out. And this extends to their names, where each carries profound meanings and stories.

If you’re looking for a Japanese name for your little girl, starting with the letter ‘S’, we’ve crafted this list for you.

Here, we present 40 beautiful and unique Japanese girl names that start with ‘S’.

  1. Sakura: A popular name that translates to “cherry blossom.”
  2. Sora: Meaning “sky.”
  3. Suzu: It signifies “bell.”
  4. Sachiko: This translates to “child of joy.”
  5. Saori: It means “to weave.”
  6. Satomi: Meaning “beautiful and wise.”
  7. Satsuki: This is a unique name meaning “May.”
  8. Sayuri: This lovely name means “small lily.”
  9. Seiko: Meaning “force, truth.”
  10. Shinju: This translates to “pearl.”

Choosing a name with a beautiful meaning is one of the first gifts you can give to your baby.

Every time her name is called, it will serve as a lovely reminder of your hopes and dreams for her.

  1. Shiori: Meaning “guide or weave.”
  2. Shizuka: This unique name means “quiet summer.”
  3. Suki: This sweet and short name means “beloved.”
  4. Sumire: It translates to “violet.”
  5. Sora: A pretty name that means “sky.”
  6. Sakiko: This name means “child of Saki.”
  7. Sakura: A popular Japanese name, Sakura means “cherry blossoms.”
  8. Setsuko: Meaning “temperate, child.”
  9. Shigeko: It translates to “growing child.”
  10. Shizuko: This lovely name means “quiet child.”

Naming your daughter can be a beautiful journey.

Dive into the significance and rich cultural backgrounds that come with each name, and choose a name that resonates with your family values and aspirations.

  1. Satoko: Meaning “wise child.”
  2. Shiho: This unique name means “rock, true.”
  3. Suzume: A unique name that translates to “sparrow.”
  4. Sachiko: It means “child of bliss.”
  5. Shika: This name translates to “deer.”
  6. Sena: Meaning “world’s beauty.”
  7. Shina: It means “virtuous, good.”
  8. Suzuha: A beautiful name meaning “bell leaf.”
  9. Sawa: Meaning “marsh.”
  10. Sachi: This short and sweet name means “blessed.”

Each of these names is not only beautiful but also carries a deep, meaningful essence, reflecting the rich culture and heritage of Japan.

  1. Shinobu: Meaning “endurance.”
  2. Shizue: This name translates to “quiet bay.”
  3. Sakiko: It means “blossoming child.”
  4. Sakina: This name means “peace.”
  5. Shun: Meaning “fast.”
  6. Suzu: It translates to “bell.”
  7. Shizuki: This beautiful name means “quiet moon.”
  8. Satomi: Meaning “beautiful and wise.”
  9. Shima: This name translates to “island.”
  10. Shizuno: It means “quiet fields.”

We hope this list of 40 Japanese girl names that start with ‘S’ provides you with plenty of inspiration in your search for the perfect name.

May the name you choose for your baby girl reflect the wonderful journey she has ahead, filled with happiness, love, and prosperity.

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