100 Kind Words That Start With O

Hello dear readers!

Today, I invite you to dive into a world of kindness, a world where words become warm embraces and gentle pat on the back.

It’s easy to overlook the power of a simple word.

Yet, some words radiate positivity and can transform an ordinary day into an outstanding one.

Here are 100 kind words that start with the letter ‘O’ to brighten your vocabulary and your day:

Kind Words Starting With O

  1. Outstanding: A compliment reserved for the very best.
  2. Optimistic: Seeing the brighter side of life.
  3. Open-hearted: Someone welcoming and without prejudice.
  4. Obliging: Always eager to help.
  5. Overjoyed: Bursting with happiness.
  6. Opulent: Rich and luxurious; a kind word to describe abundance.
  7. Outshine: To be excellent in comparison.
  8. Outspoken: Frank and unreserved, often in a positive way.
  9. Oasis: A peaceful retreat or haven.
  10. Onward: Moving forward positively.
  11. Overcome: To triumph or succeed.
  12. Ovation: A round of applause, a sign of deep appreciation.
  13. Open-minded: Accepting of new and diverse ideas.
  14. Ornate: Beautifully detailed.
  15. Ogle: To gaze with admiration.
  16. Olympian: Majestic and superior.
  17. Oneiric: Dreamy and surreal.
  18. Orient: To align or position something relative to points on a compass or another specified direction.
  19. Origin: Starting point, often of something magnificent.
  20. Overarch: To span over; encompass.
  21. Opulence: Great abundance or wealth.
  22. Ovation: Enthusiastic applause.
  23. Opportune: Occurring at an especially fitting time.
  24. Outreach: The act of reaching out, often to help others.
  25. Outpour: Gush or flow out.
  26. Overwhelm: To affect deeply in mind or emotion.
  27. Oxymel: A medicinal mixture of honey and vinegar.
  28. Opalescent: Displaying a play of colors like that of the opal.
  29. Osculate: To kiss.
  30. Operose: Done with or involving much labor.
  31. Oblation: Something offered, especially to a deity; a gift.
  32. Olive: A symbol of peace.
  33. Oasis: Something serving as a refuge or relief.
  34. Odyssey: A long, eventful journey or experience.
  35. Operatic: Exaggerated and often theatrical in style.
  36. Osmosis: Gradual assimilation or understanding.
  37. Outspread: Spread out.
  38. Open: Honest.
  39. Operative: Functioning and effective.
  40. Opportunist: Taking advantage of opportunities.
  41. Oath: A solemn promise.
  42. Odyl: A hypothetical force of natural power.
  43. Ointment: A soft, healing substance.
  44. Ombre: Having colors or tones that shade into each other.
  45. Opulent: Wealthy, luxurious.
  46. Organic: Natural, without artificial chemicals.
  47. Original: Fresh and inventive.
  48. Ornamental: Decorative and enhancing.
  49. Oscular: Pertaining to kissing; affectionate.
  50. Outlandish: Strange but in a positive, intriguing way.
  51. Outdo: Surpass, excel.
  52. Overflowing: Abundant, more than enough.
  53. Overcare: To care or worry about deeply.
  54. Ogle: Look at with affection or admiration.
  55. Outspoken: Direct, honest, and open.
  56. Overt: Open to view.
  57. Observe: To notice or regard.
  58. Opine: Express an opinion.
  59. Obtain: To gain or secure.
  60. Offer: To present or give.
  61. Orient: Guide in direction or position.
  62. Overindulge: To enjoy to excess.
  63. Observe: To watch carefully.
  64. Ogle: To look with admiration or desire.
  65. Obvious: Easily perceived.
  66. Occur: To come to mind.
  67. Official: Approved.
  68. Outsize: Larger than usual or typical.
  69. Obviate: Prevent or avoid.
  70. Operational: Working, functioning.
  71. Outgrow: Grow faster or taller than.
  72. Orchestrate: Organize, arrange.
  73. Omnipotent: Having unlimited power.
  74. Orchid: A bright colored flower symbolizing love and beauty.
  75. Optimum: Best or most favorable.
  76. Order: Arrange, organize.
  77. Outfit: Set of clothes or equipment.
  78. Oxidize: Combine or become combined chemically with oxygen.
  79. Ogle: To look or stare with great interest.
  80. Ongoing: Continuing, in progress.
  81. Omniscient: Knowing everything.
  82. Observe: Notice, regard.
  83. Oftentimes: Frequently.
  84. Omit: Leave out, exclude.
  85. Oblige: Do a service or favor for.
  86. Occasion: A special event or time.
  87. Oblique: Indirect, not explicit.
  88. Offering: Something presented or given.
  89. Oral: Spoken rather than written.
  90. Overlap: Extend over so as to cover partly.
  91. Operate: Function, work.
  92. Opt: Choose, decide.
  93. Optional: Available to be chosen.
  94. Omnipresent: Present everywhere at the same time.
  95. Opulent: Showing great wealth.
  96. Oracle: A wise person.
  97. Overflow: Excess, abundance.
  98. Ovation: Enthusiastic public praise.
  99. Outgoing: Friendly and socially confident.
  100. Overjoy: Give great pleasure to.


There you have it! A list to sprinkle some kindness into your day, one ‘O’ word at a time. Remember, words have power.

They can soothe a troubled mind, brighten a gloomy day, and bring a smile to a face.

So, spread the kindness by incorporating these words into your daily conversations, and witness the world light up a bit more every day.

Happy speaking!

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