100 Love Words That Start With O

Ah, love, that profound emotion that poets, artists, and dreamers have tried to capture in words for eons. And why not?

Love is the heartbeat of the human experience, and it’s no wonder we’ve cultivated so many words to express its various shades. As we delve into the world of ‘O’ words related to love, be prepared to find expressions that may resonate with your heart or even uncover some you’ve never encountered before.

Love Words Starting With O

  1. Overwhelmed: When feelings are so strong and powerful, you feel almost consumed by them. Often, love can leave one feeling utterly overwhelmed, submerged in its depth.
  2. Obsession: While love should be balanced, sometimes we find ourselves so drawn to someone it borders on obsession. It’s that strong inclination where thoughts of the loved one constantly preoccupy the mind.
  3. Oath: A solemn promise, often used to confirm commitment and love. “I take an oath to love you forever.”
  4. One-and-only: A term of endearment signifying that someone is your unique love, the only one for you in this vast universe.
  5. Oneness: Feeling united or as a single entity with the loved one. It’s the sensation that two souls are intertwined.
  6. Overjoyed: When happiness surpasses normal levels because of love. The sheer ecstasy that bubbles up when thinking of or being with a loved one.
  7. Overture: A beginning or introductory move, especially indicating interest in forming a romantic relationship.
  8. Open-hearted: To love without reservations, hiding nothing, and being completely genuine.
  9. Orbit: Just as planets orbit the sun, sometimes we say someone “is the center of our orbit”, meaning they’re the focal point of our love and attention.
  10. Oasis: In the vast desert of life, a loved one can be an oasis – a source of comfort and respite.
  11. Obligation: Love often carries a sense of duty; feeling obliged to care for or protect the person you love.
  12. Outpour: An intense expression of emotions, often related to professing one’s love.
  13. Odyssey: A long journey filled with experiences. Relationships, too, can be odysseys, full of adventures and shared memories.
  14. Opulent: An opulent love is rich, grand, and luxuriant.
  15. Oomph: A fun way to describe the extra spark or attractiveness that someone you love might have.
  16. Oriented: When you are oriented towards someone, you align your life or priorities around them.
  17. Ordeal: Love isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s an ordeal, a tough experience that’s endured because of the strength of love.
  18. Osculate: A formal word which means to kiss. The gentle brushing of lips that seals love.
  19. Overcome: A term that describes the feelings of being completely taken by love, to the point of being almost powerless against its pull.
  20. Offering: In the context of love, this could mean giving a part of oneself, or presenting a gift as a token of affection.
  21. Outpouring: An effusion of emotions or feelings, often denoting an overwhelming amount of love being expressed or felt.
  22. Outshine: When someone’s love or qualities stand out so brightly that they eclipse all others in your eyes.
  23. Overprotective: That instinct to guard or shield a loved one from potential harm or danger, sometimes to an excessive degree.
  24. Oblige: The act of doing a service or favor, driven by love or affection for someone.
  25. Observe: To notice and cherish the small moments and qualities of a loved one.
  26. Oblation: An offering, typically driven by a religious or spiritual sentiment, but can also signify the sacrifices one makes in the name of love.
  27. Occupied: When thoughts of a loved one fill your mind to the point that you’re constantly preoccupied with them.
  28. Outreach: The act of reaching out, typically to offer support, comfort, or love to someone.
  29. Overarch: When love serves as the primary umbrella or dominant theme in one’s life, guiding and protecting.
  30. Opus: A significant work or creation. Sometimes a relationship is seen as an opus, representing the culmination of shared experiences, trials, and joys.
  31. Overture: An initial gesture indicating interest or the start of a budding romance.
  32. Optimism: Holding a positive outlook for the future, often motivated by love or the prospect of love.
  33. Orchestrated: A love story or relationship that feels perfectly arranged or harmoniously structured, as if by an unseen hand.
  34. Original: When your love story or the person you love feels fresh, unique, and unlike anything you’ve known.
  35. Ongoing: A love that persists, continuing forward regardless of challenges.
  36. Ovation: Celebrating love or the person you love, often with great enthusiasm.
  37. Own: Not in the possessive sense, but to fully accept, recognize, and cherish a connection with someone.
  38. Oxymoron: Love is full of contrasts – pain and joy, tears and laughter. An oxymoron can sometimes capture these paradoxes of love.
  39. Overflow: When one’s heart is so full of love that it seems to spill over, affecting every aspect of life.
  40. Osmosis: The gradual absorption of love, or learning to love and understand someone by being close to them.
  41. Ornament: Like the special decoration on a tree, sometimes a person adds that extra touch of beauty and significance to your life.
  42. Overhear: Catching snippets of loving words spoken about you when you’re not directly part of the conversation.
  43. Overrule: When love takes precedence over other emotions or decisions.
  44. Oxygen: As essential as the air we breathe, some love feels vital to our very existence.
  45. Oblivious: Sometimes, we’re so caught up in love that we become unaware of everything else.
  46. Opulence: Rich, lavish love that feels luxurious and abundant.
  47. Oscillation: The ebb and flow of feelings in a relationship, like the swing of a pendulum.
  48. Oblivion: A state of being unaware because you’re so deeply engrossed in your feelings of love.
  49. Outfit: Sometimes, dressing up for a loved one or seeing them in a particular attire that brings out memories or sentiments.
  50. Oath: A solemn promise made out of love.
  51. Opportune: Love often presents itself at the most opportune moments, when we least expect yet most need it.
  52. Obtain: The act of achieving or gaining something. In the realm of love, it could signify winning someone’s heart or trust.
  53. Openness: The quality of being receptive, often in the context of accepting love or being emotionally available.
  54. Outlive: Love that endures, outlasting challenges or even lifetimes.
  55. Oracle: Sometimes, love serves as a guiding force, leading us to new experiences or insights, much like an oracle.
  56. Oblige: The feeling of being indebted out of love, wanting to reciprocate affection and kindness.
  57. Offset: When the love of someone or something balances out the negative aspects of life.
  58. Outlandish: Love that’s unconventional, unique, or even a bit quirky.
  59. Overture: An introductory gesture, often indicating a budding romance or interest.
  60. Ogle: A smitten, admiring gaze reserved for someone you’re deeply attracted to.
  61. Ordeal: Sometimes love presents challenges, testing our commitment and passion.
  62. Overcome: To conquer challenges or barriers in the path of love.
  63. Overjoy: To bring immense happiness to someone, often out of profound love.
  64. Outright: Love that’s direct, unabashed, and unapologetic.
  65. Omnipresent: Love that feels ever-present, surrounding and encompassing.
  66. Omission: In the realm of love, sometimes what isn’t said is as powerful as what is.
  67. Outburst: A sudden expression of emotion, often passionate love or affection.
  68. Outlook: How one perceives love or relationships, their personal love philosophy.
  69. Overflowing: A love so abundant that it seems to spill over.
  70. Onset: The beginning or start of a romantic relationship or feelings.
  71. Ongoing: A love that’s continuous, always evolving and growing.
  72. Ornate: Love that’s intricate, detailed, and richly adorned with emotion.
  73. Overlay: To envelop or cover someone with love and affection.
  74. Objective: In love, having a clear goal or purpose, like making a partner happy.
  75. Overwhelm: The sensation of being deeply submerged in the intense feelings of love.
  76. Ostensible: Love that appears to be true, but might need deeper exploration.
  77. Oblong: A love that stretches and grows, taking on various dimensions.
  78. Operate: How love functions in one’s life, or how two people work together in a relationship.
  79. Overstate: To express love in the grandest terms, sometimes exaggeratedly so.
  80. Olive branch: A symbol of peace or reconciliation, often extended in the name of love.
  81. Onward: Moving forward in love, always progressing and evolving.
  82. Orchard: A fruitful, blossoming love that yields emotional richness.
  83. Outgrow: Evolving beyond certain phases or aspects of love.
  84. Omen: A sign or indication of future love events or directions.
  85. Ogle: To gaze with affection or admiration, signifying deep attraction.
  86. Outdo: To surpass, often in the context of reciprocating love gestures.
  87. Outward: Expressing love openly, for the world to see.
  88. Overhang: Protective love that shelters and guards.
  89. Overlay: Layers of love, emotions, and experiences that accumulate over time.
  90. Oxide: Though more scientific, in the context of love, it could represent elements that combine to form a stronger bond.
  91. Onerous: A love that carries weight, often in the form of responsibility or commitment.
  92. Ottoman: Think of a comfy piece of furniture; sometimes love is that soft place to land at the end of the day.
  93. Ovation: A grand celebration or acknowledgment of love.
  94. Overdraw: Pushing the limits, often in the context of giving love boundlessly.
  95. Opine: To express opinions or beliefs about love and relationships.
  96. Oracle: Seeking guidance or signs about love’s path.
  97. Oscillate: The natural ebb and flow of emotions in a relationship.
  98. Overturn: Shifting perspectives or dynamics in a love relationship.
  99. Ocular: Relating to the eyes; those loving gazes exchanged between partners.
  100. Opulence: A love that feels grand, rich, and luxurious in emotion.


The tapestry of love is vast and varied.

As we’ve journeyed through these ‘O’ words, we’ve glimpsed love’s many shades, from its quiet, gentle whispers to its roaring, overwhelming waves.

It’s a journey that never truly ends, as every day, lovers find new words and new ways to express this ageless emotion.

How will you express your love today? 💓

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