Maternity Leave Letter : 30 Examples

Ah, the joy of expecting a little bundle of happiness! It’s an exhilarating time, isn’t it?

Yet, as thrilling as the anticipation of a new addition to your family can be, there’s one crucial task every expectant mother employed in a formal work environment needs to complete – writing a maternity leave letter.

Agh, the pressure, right?

If the mere thought of crafting this piece of formal communication has you breaking into a cold sweat, fear not.

You’re about to dive into 30 (yes, thirty!) different ways you can frame this very letter.

So, whether you’re the succinct, to-the-point type, or someone who likes to add a sprinkle of humor, there’s a template for you.

1. The Classic Approach

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I am writing to inform you about my pregnancy and the intention to take the stipulated maternity leave starting [start date]. I anticipate returning to work on [return date]. Kindly let me know if you require any additional documentation.

Warm regards, [Your Name]

2. The Thorough Communicator

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I am excited to announce that I am expecting a baby! The due date is [due date], and I plan to commence my maternity leave from [start date]. I’ve outlined a handover plan which I’ll share next week. Let’s discuss any preparations or adjustments needed.

Best wishes, [Your Name]

3. The Light-Hearted Approach

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Guess what? I’m “expecting” some extended time off soon! Yep, there’s a baby on the way. Let’s chat about my maternity leave, which I’m hoping to start from [start date].

Cheers to baby-sized projects! [Your Name]

4. The Remote Worker’s Note

Hello [Manager’s Name],

While my work-from-home setup is fantastic, it seems I’ll be taking on a new ‘in-house project’ (wink: baby!). I plan to start my maternity leave on [start date]. Let’s ensure a smooth transition during this period.

Stay connected, [Your Name]

5. The Planner

Dear [Manager’s Name],

As much as I love a good plan, life threw me a lovely surprise! My maternity leave will begin on [start date]. I’ve mapped out a schedule to ensure project continuity in my absence.

To a smooth transition, [Your Name]

6. The Humorous Take

Hi [Manager’s Name],

I’ve got a “bun in the oven,” and it’s almost done baking! Planning to take my maternity break starting [start date]. Will ensure all “recipe ingredients” (read: tasks) are handed over.

Stay delicious, [Your Name]

7. The Grateful Employee

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I’m beyond blessed – both for the baby on the way and the supportive work environment here. I will be beginning my maternity leave from [start date]. Grateful in advance for your understanding.

With appreciation, [Your Name]

8. The Simple Notification

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I’ll be on maternity leave from [start date]. Anticipated return: [return date].

Regards, [Your Name]

9. The Eloquent Express

Greetings [Manager’s Name],

As the seasons of life shift, I prepare to embrace the joy of motherhood. My leave commences [start date]. Your support during this transformative period is deeply cherished.

Warmly, [Your Name]

10. The Team Player

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Before I dive into the world of diapers and baby giggles, I wanted to talk maternity leave – starting [start date]. Let’s collaborate to ensure the team doesn’t skip a beat!

Cheers to teamwork, [Your Name]

11. The Digital Age Note

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Expecting a software update of my own – Baby 1.0! My offline mode (maternity leave) starts [start date]. Let’s ensure a bug-free transition for the team.

Until the next version, [Your Name]

12. The Adventurous Announcement

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Embarking on the most significant adventure yet – motherhood! My quest (maternity leave) begins [start date]. Together, we can ensure all quests (tasks) are delegated.

To new horizons, [Your Name]

13. The Countdown Enthusiast

Hey [Manager’s Name],

T-minus [number of days/weeks] until baby liftoff! My maternity leave will commence from [start date]. Let’s make these pre-launch days productive.

Ready for takeoff, [Your Name]

14. The Bookworm Approach

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Embarking on a new chapter titled “Motherhood.” My leave starts from [start date]. Let’s bookmark all pending tasks for a smooth read in my absence.

Turning the page, [Your Name]

15. The Straightforward Statement

Hello [Manager’s Name],

I’m pregnant and will be starting my maternity leave on [start date]. Let’s discuss transition plans.

Thank you, [Your Name]

16. The Poetic Touch

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Life’s rhythm has a new beat, a tiny heart I’m soon to meet. My maternal sojourn begins [start date]. I trust in our team’s harmonious feat.

With poetic grace, [Your Name]

17. The Nature Lover

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Much like seasons change, I am preparing for my spring: welcoming a new life. I’ll start my maternity leave from [start date]. Let’s ensure no task is left hanging on a limb.

To new blooms, [Your Name]

18. The Movie Buff

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Act II of my life’s movie is about to roll: starring a new baby! Lights, camera, maternity action from [start date]. Let’s ensure a smooth intermission for the team.

Curtain call, [Your Name]

19. The Gratitude Overflow

Dear [Manager’s Name],

As I stand on the brink of motherhood, I’m reminded of the support here. My leave starts [start date]. Immensely grateful for understanding and collaboration.

Thank you from the heart, [Your Name]

20. The Sporty Spin

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Kicking off the maternal league season from [start date]. While I’m out of the playing field, let’s ensure the team scores!

Game on, [Your Name]

21. The Music Lover

Dear [Manager’s Name],

A new tune is about to play in my life, and I’m setting the stage. My leave begins [start date]. Let’s hit the right notes before my brief interlude.

With harmony, [Your Name]

22. The Traveler’s Take

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Embarking on life’s most beautiful journey, though this time, no passport needed. My maternity expedition starts [start date]. I trust you’ll steer our projects smoothly in my short absence.

Journeying onward, [Your Name]

23. The Academic Angle

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Enrolling in the school of motherhood! Classes start [begin date]. I’ve penned down notes for team continuity.

Studiously, [Your Name]

24. The Chef’s Delight

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Cooking something special in the oven and it’s not a soufflé! I’m all set to prepare and serve a delightful dish called ‘Motherhood.’ Much like any complex recipe, this one needs undivided attention and time. My ‘chef’s leave’ commences from [start date]. I’ll make sure to prep the kitchen, i.e., our workspace, so that everything runs smoothly in my absence. Looking forward to serving you all some baby photos soon!

Bon appétit, [Your Name]

25. The Artistic Vision

Dear [Manager’s Name],

About to paint the most beautiful canvas of my life, dotted with colors of joy, laughter, and some sleepless nights. As I pick up the brush of motherhood from [start date], I’m ensuring that our ongoing projects are sketched out clearly for the team. Hope my brief artistic retreat brings forth a masterpiece!

In creative spirit, [Your Name]

26. The Adventurous Expedition

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Strapping on my boots for the greatest adventure of my life: the trek into motherhood. This journey, starting from [start date], promises challenges and joys alike. And while I’m navigating this new terrain, I’m committed to ensuring our project base camp is well-equipped for any obstacles.

To new horizons, [Your Name]

27. The Nautical Narrative

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Setting sail on the maternal seas from [start date]. Like any experienced sailor, I’m ensuring that I leave the ship—our office—in ship-shape. Trusting my capable crew, that’s you and our team, to navigate through calm and storm until I’m back on deck.

Anchors away, [Your Name]

28. The Astronomical Ambition

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Launching into the orbit of motherhood, I’m prepped for zero gravity, space diapers, and stardust dreams starting [start date]. And as I float among the stars, I’ll ensure our earthly endeavors are charted out for the team. Promise to send postcards from space!

To infinity and beyond, [Your Name]

29. The Time Traveler’s Tale

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Venturing into a different time zone called ‘Baby Time’ from [start date]. It’s a dimension filled with mysterious languages (baby talk) and curious rituals (3 AM feedings). As I embark on this time travel, I’ve set up a guidebook—my transition plan—to assist the team in the present.

See you in the future, [Your Name]

30. The Enchanted Escapade

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Stepping into a fairy tale where storks deliver babies and every cry sounds like enchanting music. As I wave my wand to commence maternity magic from [start date], I’m leaving behind spells (or rather, instructions) to ensure the kingdom—our office—thrives.

With a sprinkle of fairy dust, [Your Name]


Crafting the perfect maternity leave letter doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It’s all about clarity, a dash of personal touch, and ensuring that both you and your employer are on the same page.

So, whether you choose a formal tone or decide to go with something light-hearted, remember the purpose is clear communication. Best of luck with your leave and the wonderful journey of motherhood!

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