100 Romantic Words That Start With E

Ah, love! It has been the muse of poets, the driving force of artists, and the song of lovers for ages.

And what better way to explore this vast landscape of affection than with words? Specifically, those that start with the enchanting letter ‘E’.

From sweet nothings whispered in the ear to grand declarations of eternal devotion, the ‘E’ is surprisingly eloquent when it comes to matters of the heart.

So, whether you’re composing a sonnet for your beloved or penning down a heartfelt note, here’s a curated list of 100 romantic words starting with ‘E’ to sprinkle in your love letters or daily conversations.

Examples of Romantic Words That Start With E

  1. Enchant – To attract and delight someone deeply.
  2. Embrace – A warm, loving encircle with arms.
  3. Euphoria – A feeling of intense happiness, typically with someone you love.
  4. Endear – To make oneself beloved or cherished.
  5. Elope – To run away secretly in order to get married.
  6. Enamored – To be filled with a feeling of love.
  7. Eternal – Lasting forever, much like true love.
  8. Entranced – To fill someone with wonder and enchantment.
  9. Everlasting – Continuing for a long time or indefinitely.
  10. Elated – Make ecstatically happy, especially in love.
  11. Endearing – Inspiring love or affection.
  12. Exquisite – Extremely beautiful and delicate, just like feelings of love.
  13. Entwined – Twisted together, often used to describe two souls.
  14. Elysian – Beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.
  15. Enthralled – Capture the fascinated attention of.
  16. Empathy – Understanding and sharing the feelings of another.
  17. Ebullient – Overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement.
  18. Emotion – A natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances.
  19. Effulgent – Radiant; shining brightly.
  20. Engross – Absorb all the attention or interest of, often in love.
  21. Erogenous – Sensitive to sexual stimulation.
  22. Eclat – Brilliant display or effect, like fireworks of love.
  23. Elegance – The quality of being graceful and stylish, like a romantic evening.
  24. Euphony – The quality of being pleasing to the ear, often related to sweet nothings.
  25. Echo – A sound or series of sounds, often resembling mutual feelings of love.
  26. Entice – To attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage.
  27. Essence – The intrinsic nature of something, especially that which determines its character.
  28. Elision – The omission of a sound, mirroring the omission of any space between two lovers.
  29. Enigma – A person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand, like the depths of love.
  30. Engage – Occupy or attract someone’s interest or attention.
  31. Embers – A small piece of glowing or smoldering material, reminiscent of a burning love.
  32. Evince – Reveal the presence of a feeling or quality.
  33. Exalt – Hold in very high regard.
  34. Elixir – A magical potion, often symbolizing love.
  35. Enliven – Make something more entertaining, lively, or cheerful.
  36. Empower – Make someone stronger and more confident.
  37. Endorse – Declare one’s public approval or support of.
  38. Envelop – Wrap up, cover, or surround.
  39. Ephemeral – Lasting for a very short time, much like fleeting romantic moments.
  40. Exhale – Breathe out, often in relaxation or in shared moments.
  41. Emanate – To originate from; be produced by.
  42. Epiphany – A moment of sudden realization or insight.
  43. Elate – To make someone ecstatically happy.
  44. Empathize – Understand and share the feelings of another.
  45. Engulf – To surround or cover completely.
  46. Epitome – A person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality.
  47. Evince – To reveal the presence of a quality or feeling.
  48. Exclusively – To the exclusion of others; only.
  49. Eccentric – (of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange, often making love interesting.
  50. Enchiridion – A book containing essential information on a subject, like the book of love.
  51. Ethereal – Extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not of this world.
  52. Envision – Imagine as a future possibility.
  53. Evanescent – Soon passing out of sight or memory.
  54. Emollient – Having the quality of softening or soothing.
  55. Eunoia – Beautiful thinking; a well mind.
  56. Endorphins – Chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain.
  57. Ebullience – The quality of being cheerful and full of energy.
  58. Evident – Clearly seen or understood.
  59. Epitomize – To be a perfect example of.
  60. Euphonic – Pleasing to the ear.
  61. Expanse – A wide, open area or surface; a stretch.
  62. Entwine – Wind or twist together.
  63. Embody – To include or contain something.
  64. Elevate – To raise to a more important or impressive level.
  65. Empressement – Fervent enthusiasm.
  66. Engage – To participate or become involved in.
  67. Elicit – To evoke or draw out.
  68. Endow – Provide with a quality or ability.
  69. Epicurean – A person devoted to sensual enjoyment, especially that derived from fine food and drink.
  70. Exemplar – A person or thing serving as an excellent model.
  71. Ensorcell – To enchant or fascinate someone.
  72. Exuberant – Filled with lively energy and excitement.
  73. Emblazon – To conspicuously inscribe or display.
  74. Epilogue – A section at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on what has happened.
  75. Entreat – To ask someone earnestly or humbly for something.
  76. Eulogize – To praise highly.
  77. Enrich – To improve the quality of something.
  78. Esoteric – Intended for a select audience with a special interest.
  79. Evolve – To develop gradually.
  80. Ebullient – Cheerful and full of energy.
  81. Extravagant – Exceeding what is reasonable or appropriate.
  82. Energetic – Active and full of energy.
  83. Exude – To display an emotion or quality strongly and openly.
  84. Evince – To reveal the presence of a quality or feeling.
  85. Elicit – To evoke a response.
  86. Epitome – A perfect example of something.
  87. Ebullient – Overflowing with enthusiasm or excitement.
  88. Entice – To lure or attract.
  89. Exclaim – To cry out suddenly.
  90. Empathetic – Showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
  91. Entrance – To fill with wonder and delight.
  92. Endure – To remain in existence.
  93. Emulate – To match or surpass by imitation.
  94. Elicit – To draw out a reaction.
  95. Emote – To portray an emotion in a noticeable manner.
  96. Exalt – To think or speak highly of.
  97. Elegant – Pleasingly graceful and stylish.
  98. Engaging – Charming and attractive.
  99. Euphonious – Pleasing to the ear.
  100. Evolving – Developing gradually.


These entrancing words weave a tapestry of romantic feelings and expressions.

Perhaps some will remind you of your own love stories, or inspire new ones.

Whichever it may be, let these words be your guide in navigating the vast ocean of love and its myriad emotions.

Remember, every ‘E’ is an echo of love’s eternal essence.

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