Sample Workplace Harassment Complaint Letter

The workplace should be a sanctuary of professionalism, respect, and cooperation. Unfortunately, situations arise where employees face harassment, making it essential for them to voice their concerns.

A well-drafted complaint letter is an effective tool in such circumstances. Here are 30 sample complaint letters about workplace harassment to guide you through these challenging times.

1. The Disheartened Newcomer

Dear HR Manager,

I’ve been with [Company Name] for three months now, and it deeply saddens me to report consistent comments about my nationality from a few team members. I moved here with dreams and aspirations, and this discrimination dampens my spirit. Please address this.

Hoping for a harmonious workspace, [Your Name]

2. The Stressed-out Senior

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Over my five years at [Company Name], I’ve always valued our culture. Lately, however, I’ve been subjected to undue criticism and sarcastic remarks by [Co-worker’s Name], affecting my morale. Can we discuss this further?

Desiring a respectful environment, [Your Name]

3. The Uneasy Part-timer

Hello HR Team,

Being a part-timer, I hoped to integrate smoothly. Regrettably, I’ve faced multiple occasions where my suggestions are dismissed solely because of my status. I wish to be treated equally.

Wishing for equal opportunities, [Your Name]

4. The Aggrieved Assistant

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

While I respect my role as an assistant, I find it inappropriate when tasks unrelated to work are assigned to me, especially personal errands for [Co-worker’s Name]. This feels like an abuse of my position.

Hoping for clarity in roles, [Your Name]

5. The Alarmed Intern

Hi [HR Manager],

As an intern, I’m here to learn. Unfortunately, I’ve been facing unwarranted advances from a senior team member. This makes me uncomfortable, and I request immediate intervention.

Seeking a safe learning environment, [Your Name]

6. The Bewildered Remote Worker

Hello [Supervisor’s Name],

Working remotely doesn’t shield me from the team’s derogatory comments during virtual meetings. It’s distressing and affects my productivity. Kindly address this matter.

Looking for virtual respect, [Your Name]

7. The Anguished Artist

Dear HR Team,

I joined [Company Name] to pursue my passion for design. It’s disheartening when my gender becomes a topic of discussion instead of my work. This isn’t the inclusive environment I anticipated.

Yearning for unbiased appreciation, [Your Name]

8. The Concerned Contractor

Hi [Manager’s Name],

I might be a contractor, but I deserve the same respect as full-time employees. I’ve been sidelined in discussions and treated as an outsider. This needs to change.

Desiring professional equality, [Your Name]

9. The Troubled Techie

Hello HR Department,

Working late hours is the nature of my role. However, the inappropriate comments from the night security staff are not. This makes me uncomfortable, and I hope for immediate action.

Hoping for safer nights, [Your Name]

10. The Distressed Dad

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

I’m proud to be a hands-on dad. But the sarcastic remarks about my commitment to work because I leave on time to pick up my daughter are uncalled for. I’d appreciate it if this could be addressed.

Balancing duties with pride, [Your Name]

11. The Anxious Admin

Hi [Manager’s Name],

My role often requires me to coordinate with various departments. However, the condescending tone some use when communicating with me affects my self-esteem. Kindly look into this.

Yearning for kinder words, [Your Name]

12. The Confounded Consultant

Dear HR Team,

Though a consultant, I expect professional treatment. The constant hushed conversations and laughter when I pass by feel like targeted ridicule. Please address this.

Seeking respectful consultation, [Your Name]

13. The Perturbed Project Manager

Dear [Director’s Name],

While managing my team, I’ve noticed a repeated pattern of dismissive behavior and undermining comments from a specific department. I believe in mutual respect, irrespective of roles, and hope you can help rectify this unsettling dynamic.

Hoping for team harmony, [Your Name]

14. The Miffed Marketer

Hi [Team Leader],

I’ve always been excited about sharing my campaign ideas. Lately, however, I’ve felt belittled due to sneers and sarcastic remarks from some colleagues. Creative freedom requires a nurturing environment, and I’d be grateful if this issue is addressed.

Dreaming of a supportive space, [Your Name]

15. The Dismayed Developer

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Coding requires concentration, but the unsolicited jokes and remarks about my appearance by a few teammates are distracting and disheartening. I wish for a workspace where my skills, not looks, are discussed.

Seeking professional focus, [Your Name]

16. The Dispirited Data Analyst

Dear HR Department,

Analyzing numbers is my job, but being reduced to a number — specifically my age — by colleagues is not what I signed up for. I’d appreciate intervention to put a stop to ageist comments.

Beyond just numbers, [Your Name]

17. The Harassed HR Executive

Hi [CEO’s Name],

Ironically, being in HR doesn’t shield me from inappropriate advances. I’ve experienced several from senior staff during after-hours meetings, which makes me deeply uncomfortable. Your support in this matter would mean a lot.

Hoping for a safer workspace, [Your Name]

18. The Bothered Brand Manager

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

Our brand stands for inclusivity, but I feel excluded due to constant sidelining in team decisions and subtle jibes about my educational background. Please help in aligning team behaviors with our brand values.

Living the brand, [Your Name]

19. The Upset UX Designer

Hello [HR Manager],

I’ve been receiving comments that downplay my achievements and attribute them to my gender. It’s high time we moved beyond such primitive mindsets. I’d appreciate a timely redressal.

Designing beyond biases, [Your Name]

20. The Troubled Trainer

Hi [Training Head],

While imparting training, a few trainees from various batches have made insinuations about my personal life. I believe in maintaining a professional boundary and hope you can support me in ensuring this.

Training with trust, [Your Name]

21. The Frustrated Finance Executive

Dear [Director of Finance],

Lately, I’ve been the target of constant ridicule about my attire. While I believe in dressing modestly, the jeers and whispers are affecting my confidence. I’d appreciate if this behavior is curtailed.

Balancing sheets, not biases, [Your Name]

22. The Grappling Graphic Designer

Hello [Creative Head],

Being a designer means thinking out of the box. However, the frequent, invasive questions about my unconventional hair color and tattoos are neither creative nor appreciated. Kindly intervene.

Designing beyond stereotypes, [Your Name]

23. The Pained Product Manager

Dear [Team Leader],

I feel a certain coldness from the team ever since I returned from my health leave. The whispers and overt avoidance are palpable. I would appreciate if we could foster an environment where empathy overrides conjecture.

Building products and bridges, [Your Name]

24. The Agitated Account Manager

Hi [Sales Head],

Client meetings are challenging, but what’s more challenging is the unnecessary physical contact and comments from a few male colleagues during team outings. I hope you understand the gravity and will take appropriate action.

Managing accounts and boundaries, [Your Name]

25. The Offended Operations Executive

Dear [HR Manager],

I’ve felt a discernible change in behavior ever since my promotion. Unpleasant comments about how I “climbed the ladder” are uncalled for. Let’s work towards an environment of genuine congratulations, not resentments.

Operating with integrity, [Your Name]

26. The Exasperated Event Manager

Hello [Company CEO],

Managing events means late hours, but the remarks about how I “spend nights” are derogatory and affect my reputation. Immediate action is imperative.

Eventful, not resentful, [Your Name]

27. The Ruffled Researcher

Dear [Department Head],

My findings are often mocked and tagged as “feminine perspectives” by some male counterparts. I hope you agree that research goes beyond gender. Your intervention would mean a lot.

Researching without restraints, [Your Name]

28. The Baffled Business Analyst

Hi [Team Leader],

My dietary choices have become a laughing matter in the team. Being a vegan is a personal choice and the snide remarks during lunch are unwarranted. I hope we can stick to discussing business, not diets.

Analysing business, not beliefs, [Your Name]

29. The Wounded Writer

Hello [Editor-in-Chief],

Every criticism is a learning opportunity. But the comments I receive lately seem less about my writing and more personal attacks. Constructive feedback is appreciated, but personal jibes aren’t.

Writing with respect, [Your Name]

30. The Tormented Tech Lead

Dear [Director of Technology],

Being in a leadership role has exposed me to unsolicited comments about how I must be “too bossy for a woman.” I believe in leading with assertiveness, not aggression, and hope you can help end such stereotypes.

Leading with logic, not labels, [Your Name]


Crafting an effective complaint letter about workplace harassment is a delicate art, as it involves narrating unpleasant experiences with utmost professionalism.

These sample letters aim to provide guidance for those in difficult situations. Remember, it’s imperative to voice concerns to create a professional and respectful working environment.

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