100 Six Letter Words That Start With O

The English language, in all its complexity and diversity, presents a plethora of words that not only sound unique but also carry special meanings.

Today, we’re embarking on a journey through the realm of six-letter words that start with the letter “O”.

Let’s dive into this list, and along the way, unravel the stories behind these words!

Six Letter Words Starting With O

  1. Object: To protest against something. Not to be confused with that shiny thing you’re eyeing in the shop.
  2. Oblong: An extended shape; longer than it is wide. Like a stretched-out circle that decided to be a rectangle.
  3. Oboist: Someone who plays the oboe. The unsung hero in many orchestral pieces.
  4. Oceans: Massive saltwater bodies covering Earth. Also, the seemingly infinite space between you and the fridge at 2 AM.
  5. Octane: A hydrocarbon in gasoline. It’s the reason why some cars feel they have wings.
  6. Office: A place where many spend their 9 to 5. Often associated with coffee, cubicles, and sometimes, dreams.
  7. Offing: The part of the sea visible from the shore. It’s where pirates probably hid their treasures.
  8. Oldies: Classic songs from bygone days. The stuff our grandparents call “real music.”
  9. Olives: Small fruits used in cooking or eaten alone. Also, the peace offering of the martini world.
  10. Onlook: To gaze at something. Like when you’re people-watching from your window.
  11. Oodles: A large number of something. “I’ve got oodles of noodles!” said every college student ever.
  12. Oozing: Slowly releasing, usually a fluid. Lava does it dramatically, but so does that ketchup bottle.
  13. Opaque: Not transparent. Like that mysterious beverage in the fridge labeled “experiment.”
  14. Operas: Grand performances with music, drama, and high notes. Not to be confused with soap operas, though both can be dramatic!
  15. Opined: To hold or express an opinion. “He opined on everything, including the mysterious fridge beverage.”
  16. Oracle: A wise person or prophecy giver. The kind you’d seek if you lost your Wi-Fi password.
  17. Orbits: Circular paths objects take in space. Also, what your head does after too much caffeine.
  18. Orchid: A colorful and fragrant flower. Often mistaken for fake because they’re just that perfect!
  19. Orient: To align or position relative to points on a compass or another specified direction.
  20. Ornate: Elaborately adorned, often excessively or showily so. Like that one aunt’s jewelry collection.
  21. Outfit: A set of clothes worn together. And if it’s trendy enough, it deserves an Instagram post.
  22. Outlet: A place where goods are sold, or an electrical point. For either shopping sprees or charging them.
  23. Outlay: The amount of money spent on something. Also, that guilty feeling after the shopping sprees.
  24. Outcry: A strong verbal protest. What you do when there’s no chocolate left.
  25. Output: What’s produced, especially in relation to the input. Like the number of cookies after an intense baking session.
  26. Ovular: Related to the ovule, the part of the ovary of seed plants. Not to be mistaken for ‘popular’.
  27. Oxford: A type of shoe or a famous university. One’s for walking, the other for academic strolling.
  28. Oxidize: To combine chemically with oxygen. Or, in simple terms, why apples go brown.
  29. Oxtails: The tail of cattle. Once discarded, now a gourmet soup ingredient.
  30. Oysters: Shellfish known to contain pearls. Some call them the ocean’s lottery ticket.
  31. Outcry: A loud expression of strong disapproval. The moment the internet realizes a beloved TV show character has been written off.
  32. Outfit: A set of clothes and accessories for a particular occasion. Example: “My Friday night outfit usually consists of pajamas and a blanket.”
  33. Output: The quantity of something produced. If we’re talking about my grandmother’s cookies, the output is always high and highly delicious!
  34. Outrun: To run faster than someone or something else. Like trying to outrun your shadow on a sunny day.
  35. Outset: The beginning or start. Every epic adventure has its outset, even if it’s just stepping out of the house.
  36. Ovalum: An old term for something egg-shaped. “The room had several ovalum windows.” It’s egg-xactly the word you never knew you needed!
  37. Oxygen: The chemical element that we breathe to stay alive. Also what’s missing when you’re left breathless by surprise!
  38. Oyster: A shellfish that may contain a pearl. But whether you find one or not, it’s the excitement of the hunt that counts.
  39. Ozones: Plural form of ozone, a form of oxygen. Essential for protecting our planet, and not just a catchy word!
  40. Observe: To watch carefully, usually over a period of time. For instance, observing how tea leaves dance in a boiling kettle.
  41. Obtains: Secures or gets hold of something. “She obtains rare stamps from all over the world.”
  42. Ocelots: Wild cats found mainly in South America. They have beautiful markings but aren’t as friendly as your house cat.
  43. Octavos: Sheets of paper folded to make eight leaves. Perfect for mini booklets or fancy event programs.
  44. Oddball: A strange or eccentric person. That one friend who wears sunglasses at night? Total oddball!
  45. Odorous: Emitting a smell, especially an unpleasant one. Old sneakers are particularly notorious for being odorous.
  46. Offends: Causes someone to feel upset or resentful. “He offends easily, so be careful with your jokes.”
  47. Offsets: Counteracts something with an opposing force. “The bitterness of the coffee was offset by the sweet pastry.”
  48. Oldness: The quality or fact of being old or aged. But remember, age is just a number, and oldness? A state of mind!
  49. Olympus: A mountain in Greece believed to be the home of the Greek gods. Think of it as the ultimate penthouse suite!
  50. Onboard: Onto or within a ship, aircraft, or other vehicles. “We’re onboard and ready for the journey.”
  51. Oneness: A state of being unified or whole. “The oneness of the universe is a profound concept.”
  52. Onshore: Towards or on the land from the direction of the sea or a river. “The breeze is coming onshore.”
  53. Oodling: Staring at someone in a dreamy, loving manner. Yep, it’s not an official word, but wouldn’t it be adorable if it were?
  54. Opulent: Rich and superior in quality. Think of a grand castle or a lavish feast.
  55. Oracle: A priest or priestess who acts as a medium. Can also be that person you know who seems to predict every twist in a movie plot.
  56. Orators: Skilled public speakers. The ones who can move an audience with just their words.
  57. Orbital: Relating to the eye socket or an orbit in general. “The Earth follows its orbital path around the sun.”
  58. Organza: A thin, plain weave, sheer fabric. “Her dress was made of shimmering organza.”
  59. Origami: The Japanese art of paper folding. Cranes, boats, and even dragons, all from a single sheet!
  60. Oscillo: Relating to oscillation or an oscillatory movement. That pendulum in an old clock? Pure oscillo magic.
  61. Osmosis: The movement of solvent molecules. If you’ve ever heard “I learned it by osmosis!” regarding a book under a pillow… well, that’s not quite how it works.
  62. Outcast: Someone rejected by society or a social group. Also what you might feel like when you’re the only one who hasn’t seen that popular show everyone’s talking about.
  63. Outflow: The act of flowing out. Like when you shake that ketchup bottle and nothing comes out… until it ALL does.
  64. Outline: A general description or plan. It’s the backbone of every great story and the bane of many writers.
  65. Outplay: To perform better than someone else, typically in a sport. Like when your cat manages to grab the toy every time, no matter how crafty you try to be.
  66. Outward: Towards the outside. “She showed no outward sign of distress, but inside, she was a mess.”
  67. Ovation: An enthusiastic public reception. Standing and clapping? You’ve just been part of an ovation.
  68. Overact: To act in an exaggerated manner. A favorite pastime of kids everywhere when they “can’t possibly” clean their rooms.
  69. Overrun: To spread over in large numbers. Like rabbits in a garden or pens in an office drawer.
  70. Owlet: A young owl, and also what I secretly hope to see every time I hear rustling in the trees.
  71. Oxalic: Relating to or derived from oxalic acid, commonly found in some plants.
  72. Oxtails: The tail of an ox, often used in cooking for soups or stews. A word that might surprise you with its culinary relevance!
  73. Oxidize: To chemically combine with oxygen. Rusting iron is a classic example.
  74. Oboists: Those who play the oboe. Not to be mistaken with “hobbits,” though both can produce enchanting tunes.
  75. Olympic: Relating to the ancient city of Olympia or the modern international athletic competition. Go for the gold!
  76. Onetime: Occurring, former, or having once been. “A onetime friend of mine from school reached out recently.”
  77. Onwards: Moving forward or continuing in a forward direction. The word every hero mutters as they push through their journey.
  78. Opaline: Resembling opal, especially in having a milky iridescence.
  79. Opening: An available space or opportunity. “She saw an opening in the market for her product.”
  80. Operate: To function or work. Machines, doctors, and artists all operate, though very differently.
  81. Opulent: Exhibiting a display of great wealth. That feeling when you find an extra $5 in your pocket.
  82. Oracles: Priests or priestesses acting as mediums. Also, really good fortune cookies might be considered mini-oracles.
  83. Oratory: A place of prayer, or the art of public speaking.
  84. Orchard: A piece of land planted with fruit trees. Where apples don’t fall far from the tree, literally.
  85. Ordeals: Painful or horrific experiences. Like trying to assemble furniture without instructions.
  86. Oregano: A herb used often in Italian cooking. The unsung hero of the pizza world.
  87. Organdy: A fine translucent cotton or silk fabric. Perfect for those summer dresses.
  88. Origins: The point or place where something begins. Like how a stream can lead to a mighty river.
  89. Ostlers: People who look after the horses of people staying at an inn. An old profession, but a noble one.
  90. Ostrich: A large, flightless bird known for its speed and the mistaken belief that it buries its head in the sand.
  91. Outcry: A loud expression of public anger or disapproval. Remember when they changed the recipe of that popular soft drink? That was quite the outcry!
  92. Outlet: A place or means by which something is released. It’s also where you might score some amazing deals on brand-name products.
  93. Outfit: A set of clothes worn together. “Did you see her outfit today? Absolutely on point!”
  94. Outlay: The amount of money spent on something. It’s a fancy term for “how much you shelled out.”
  95. Outrun: To run faster or longer than someone. In the world of survival, it’s not about outrunning the bear, it’s about outrunning your friend!
  96. Ovulate: A process in female reproductive systems. It’s Mother Nature saying, “Clock’s ticking!”
  97. Ozone: A molecule made of three oxygen atoms. Essential for blocking ultraviolet radiation but problematic closer to the ground.
  98. Ocelots: Wild cats found primarily in South America, and they have a strikingly beautiful coat. Also, if you’re into video games, you might recognize this as a mob from Minecraft.
  99. Office: A place where business or professional activities are conducted. Or, a fantastic mockumentary sitcom!
  100. Offing: The distant part of the sea visible from the shore. “There’s a storm in the offing,” old sailors might say.


The artistry and versatility of the English language become abundantly clear when you explore words like these.

Six letters, one starting point, and yet a vast range of meanings, tones, and textures.

Dive deep into these words, appreciate their histories, stories, and flavors.

Words are not just strings of alphabets; they’re whole worlds waiting to be discovered!

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