Thank You For Coming To My TED Talk Examples

The popular phrase “Thank you for coming to my TED Talk” has transcended its original use as a lighthearted conclusion to an informal rant or monologue.

Now, it’s common to hear it (or variations of it) in everyday conversations and social media posts.

But if you’ve recently given a TED Talk (or any presentation, for that matter), you might be looking for clever ways to incorporate this trendy phrase into a genuine note of gratitude.

Look no further! Here are some inventive examples to spark your creativity.

Classic and Professional:

  1. “I’m truly grateful you took the time to attend my TED Talk. Your presence added immeasurably to the experience. And as they say, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.”
  2. “Your feedback and engagement during my presentation were invaluable. Heartfelt thanks for coming to my actual TED Talk!”
  3. “The fact that you chose to spend your time listening to my thoughts means the world to me. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk – in real life!”

Quirky and Fun:

  1. “You heard my spiel, saw the slides, and didn’t fall asleep! Big win! Thanks for coming to my TED Talk (no refunds).”
  2. “You’ve now officially survived my ramblings in person. Give yourself a pat on the back and accept my sincere thanks for attending my TED Talk.”
  3. “Did you come for the talk, the memes, or the complimentary coffee? Either way, cheers for attending my TED Talk!”

Thoughtful and Heartfelt:

  1. “In the vast landscape of ideas and innovations, I’m honored you chose to hear mine. My deepest gratitude for coming to my TED Talk and being part of the journey.”
  2. “Every individual in the audience added to the energy and essence of my talk. Thank you for lending your ears, heart, and time.”
  3. “Your presence wasn’t just an addition to the audience count. It was a vital piece in the puzzle of today’s dialogue. I’m truly grateful for your time and attention during my TED Talk.”

Modern and Social Media Inspired:

  1. “For all the tweets, snaps, and stories – and for being there in person – a huge shoutout to you for attending my TED Talk! #GratitudeOverload”
  2. “Your attendance? 10/10. Your attention? 100/100. Your presence at my TED Talk? Priceless.”
  3. “Slid into the venue, stayed for the thoughts, and hopefully swiped right on my ideas! Thanks for coming to my TED Talk, and feel free to DM feedback!”

Gratitude never goes out of style. And while the phrase “Thank you for coming to my TED Talk” might have its roots in internet humor, it represents a genuine sentiment of appreciation. Whether you’re the speaker at a TED event, a college lecture, or a community seminar, your words of thanks can be as unique, fun, or heartfelt as you desire. So, the next time you’re wrapping up a presentation, let one of these inspired examples guide your closing note!

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