Two Letter Words That Start With E

When delving into the vastness of the English language, it’s always astonishing to realize how much can be conveyed in just two letters.

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on the letter ‘E’ ; the second letter of our alphabet and a veritable workhorse in many of our words.

While the number of recognized two-letter words starting with ‘E’ is limited, this exploration will cover every recognized word, alongside a few playful creations, to round out our list of 20.

Let’s dive in!

2 Letter Words That Start With E Examples

  1. Eh – This one is for our Canadian friends and others around the globe. It’s a colloquialism often used to solicit agreement or understanding, as in, “Cold day, eh?”
  2. Es – Dive into the world of scrabble, and you’ll know this one well. It represents the letter ‘S’ and comes in handy on the board.
  3. El – Not just the 12th letter of the alphabet! In some cities, it’s shorthand for the elevated train, whisking passengers above the streets below.
  4. En – A typography term, the “en” refers to a space that’s the width of an uppercase N. Think of it as the younger sibling to the “em” space.
  5. Ed – A familiar friend, ‘Ed’ often pops up as shorthand for someone named Edward.
  6. Ea – Okay, this one’s a playful addition. Imagine the sounds we use every day without even thinking. A surprised “Ea!” might just be one of them.
  7. Em – A term from printing, this space is the width of the letter ‘M’, broader than our friend the ‘En’.
  8. Ef – Yes, it sounds like the letter ‘F’, but in playful parlance, you might just find a use for it.
  9. Ew – An expression of disgust or aversion, “Ew!” can be used when faced with something unpleasant.
  10. Er – Indicating hesitation or a pause in speech, “Er” is universal. “Er, I don’t know about that.”
  11. Ex – While commonly known as shorthand for a former partner or spouse, ‘Ex’ can denote something previous or former.
  12. Ee – A playful expression of excitement or surprise, akin to a lightbulb moment.
  13. Eu – Venturing beyond English, ‘Eu’ can be seen as an abbreviation for European.
  14. Eo – Stretching our creativity, “Eo” could be a playful way to start the word ‘Eon’.
  15. Ei – Delve into the German language, and you’ll find that “Ei” means egg. But for our purposes, think of it as a playful twist on the word “eye”.
  16. Ey – Imagine removing the ‘H’ from ‘Hey’, and what are you left with? A quick greeting!
  17. Et – The past tense of eat, if you were to, er, eat a letter off the front.
  18. Ez – Think of the easy, breezy days where everything goes your way. “Ez” could be shorthand for those effortless times.
  19. Ep – In the entertainment world, this might just stand for ‘Episode’. “Did you watch the latest EP?”
  20. Ev – As our world becomes more eco-conscious, “Ev” might remind someone of Electric Vehicles.


While the English language only offers a handful of recognized two-letter words starting with ‘E’, the beauty lies in how we use, adapt, and play with language every day.

From the recognized to the imagined, these tiny words have big potential. So, eh, why not give them a whirl in your next conversation?

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