Vacation Leave Request : 30 Examples

Everyone deserves a vacation, but it’s not always easy finding the perfect words to ask for time off.

Whether you’re jet-setting across the globe or simply curling up at home.

These 30 vacation leave request examples will help you bid a temporary farewell to the office with flair!

1. The Great Escape Artist

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Just like Houdini, I need to disappear for a bit! No chains or locks, just the allure of a relaxing vacation. My great escape starts from [start date]. Will ensure all my tasks are in order before the vanishing act.

Catch you on the flip side, [Your Name]

2. The Bookworm’s Retreat

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Ready to dive deep into the pages of unread novels. Venturing into fantasy lands from [start date]. Fear not, I’ve bookmarked all my tasks and briefed the team.

Until the final chapter, [Your Name]

3. The Time Traveler’s Getaway

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Taking a brief hiatus to travel – not through time, but to some fascinating destinations! I’ll make sure my projects don’t get left in the past or future but are well-tended during my absence.

Back soon from my temporal tour, [Your Name]

4. The Digital Detox

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Going off the grid from [start date] – think of it as a software update for my mind and soul. Ensuring all my tasks run smoothly in ‘safe mode’ while I’m away.

Rebooting soon, [Your Name]

5. The Foodie’s Adventure

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Embarking on a culinary quest to explore the world’s flavors. My gastronomic journey starts on [start date], but I’ll make sure my tasks are in ‘mise en place’ for the team.

Bon appétit and see you soon, [Your Name]

6. The Star-Gazer’s Respite

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Taking a break to gaze at some celestial wonders! As I count stars, I’ve tallied my responsibilities and set a plan with the team. See you after my astral adventures!

Wishing on a star, [Your Name]

7. The Serenity Seeker

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Finding a quiet corner of the world to meditate, reflect, and rejuvenate. While I center myself from [start date], I’ve left comprehensive notes for any pending projects.

Returning with peace and clarity, [Your Name]

8. The Nature Enthusiast’s Break

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Diving deep into nature’s lap, sans Wi-Fi, but full of fresh air. My green escapade begins on [start date]. Ensured all tasks are pruned and watered for my absence.

Leafing for a bit, [Your Name]

9. The Beach Bum’s Timeout

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Sandy beaches and sunsets are calling my name! I’m setting sail to tropical waters from [start date]. But fret not, I’ve charted the course for my duties while I’m away.

Surf’s up and see you soon, [Your Name]

10. The Ultimate Homebody’s Holiday

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Journeying to the most comforting destination: my couch! Taking a homecation from [start date], but I’ve ensured that my tasks are comfortably settled in with the team.

Home is where the heart is, [Your Name]

11. The Mountain Majesty Explorer

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I’m swapping office views for majestic peaks! I’ll be scaling nature’s wonders from [start date], but I’ve set basecamp with my duties and tasks before the ascent.

Onward to the summit, [Your Name]

12. The Cityscape Connoisseur

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Diving into urban jungles and city lights from [start date]. While I explore concrete wonders, I’ve structured my tasks so they don’t get lost in the cityscape.

Lost and found in the city, [Your Name]

13. The Festival Fanatic’s Furlough

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Joining the carnival of colors and festivities for a brief spell. I’ve beaded together my responsibilities and briefed my team to keep the rhythm going.

Until the last dance, [Your Name]

14. The History Buff’s Quest

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Traveling back in time to immerse in yesteryears’ wonders. I’ve chronicled my current tasks to ensure no work history repeats itself in my absence.

Unraveling the tapestry of time, [Your Name]

15. The Lone Wanderer’s Whimsy

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Packing a bag and following where the wind takes me from [start date]. Don’t worry, I’ve mapped out my duties to ensure they’re right on track.

Wandering but not lost, [Your Name]

16. The Culture Vulture’s Voyage

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Stepping into the grand theatre of global cultures. The curtain rises on my journey from [start date]. But I’ve orchestrated my tasks to ensure an encore performance upon my return.

Applauding life’s grand acts, [Your Name]

17. The Adrenaline Junkie’s Jaunt

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Seeking thrills and skydives, feeling alive from [start date]. I’ve geared up my tasks with backups to make sure the work adventure doesn’t stall.

Jumping into the unknown, [Your Name]

18. The Spa Enthusiast’s Retreat

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Taking a serene dip into wellness and relaxation waters. I’ve left a trail of bubbles (a.k.a. instructions) for my responsibilities during my spa escapade.

Unwinding and rejuvenating, [Your Name]

19. The Music Maven’s Meander

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Lost in a sea of rhythms and melodies, dancing to the music festival vibes from [start date]. But rest assured, my tasks have their own playlist to keep the beat going.

Tuning out for a bit, [Your Name]

20. The Romantic Rendezvous

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Whisking away for some romantic time under the stars. Lighting up my break from [start date], but ensuring the office romance (aka my tasks) are taken care of.

Love and light, [Your Name]

21. The Cosmic Stargazer’s Sabbatical

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Embarking on a journey where stars are the guide and moonlight is my companion. I will be pitching my tent under the vast expanse of the night sky from [start date]. But fear not, I’ve aligned all my constellations (tasks) to shine bright while I’m away, gazing at the galaxies.

Lost in the Milky Way, until my return, [Your Name]

22. The Wine Connoisseur’s Expedition

Hey [Manager’s Name],

I’ll be swirling, sniffing, and sipping the finest vines from [start date]. As I get a taste of vineyards and age-old cellars, rest assured, I’ve bottled up my tasks and labeled them perfectly for smooth workflow in my absence.

Toasting to discoveries and diligent duties, [Your Name]

23. The Gourmet Globetrotter’s Getaway

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Setting out on a flavorful journey, savoring cuisines from every corner of the globe. While I’ll be out stirring my palate from [start date], I’ve prepped and plated my tasks to be served seamlessly during my culinary quest.

Relishing life, one bite at a time, [Your Name]

24. The Nature Nurturer’s Nocturne

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Diving deep into the embrace of Mother Earth, letting nature nurture my soul from [start date]. Trees, rivers, and valleys will be my confidants. Yet, I’ve planted seeds of instruction so my duties bloom undisturbed in my absence.

Bathing in nature’s lullaby, [Your Name]

25. The Novelist’s Narrative

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Venturing into plots, twists, and tales as I attend a writer’s retreat from [start date]. While my pen weaves stories, I’ve scripted a sequence for my responsibilities to ensure the office chapters run without a cliffhanger.

Until our stories converge again, [Your Name]

26. The Art Aficionado’s Adventure

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Brushing up on classics and immersing in the strokes of masterpieces from [start date]. Galleries and museums will be my haunts. Still, like a detailed tapestry, I’ve woven clear patterns for my tasks to unfold artistically in my absence.

Painting my dreams, one gallery at a time, [Your Name]

27. The Sand & Surf Seeker’s Sojourn

Dear [Manager’s Name],

Riding waves and leaving footprints on golden sands from [start date]. As I chase sunsets and horizons, know that I’ve set anchors for my tasks to sail smoothly in the office tides while I’m away.

In sync with the sea’s symphony, [Your Name]

28. The Royal Retreat

Hey [Manager’s Name],

Channeling my inner royalty as I visit historic palaces and forts from [start date]. I’ll be sipping on teas and partaking in grand balls, but my realm of tasks has been bequeathed with detailed decrees for its governance in my absence.

Off to wear my crown, yet always at your service, [Your Name]

29. The Spiritual Soother’s Saga

Hello [Manager’s Name],

Embarking on a spiritual quest, seeking solace in ancient temples and monasteries from [start date]. As my soul seeks enlightenment, be assured, I’ve lit the path for my responsibilities to find their own nirvana in the office realm.

Om Shanti and see you soon, [Your Name]

30. The Digital Detox Divergence

Hi [Manager’s Name],

Stepping away from screens and bleeps to detox and rejuvenate my digital spirit from [start date]. While I’ll be unplugged, I’ve coded a manual override for my tasks to continue in binary harmony.

Logging off, but keeping you in my thoughts, [Your Name]


Stepping out of routine, every individual seeks a different experience.

These examples provide not just a creative way to request leave but also a glimpse into the myriad ways people choose to spend their precious moments.

Whether it’s diving deep into hobbies, exploring new destinations, or simply disconnecting, the essence remains—life is a myriad of experiences waiting to be lived.

So, the next time you’re planning a break, remember to give your leave request its own unique twist.

Happy vacationing! 🌼🏖🏜🏔🌃🍷📚🖼🌌📵

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