Wedding Thank You Card Wording

After the euphoria of the wedding celebrations, there’s a crucial task that awaits, sending out thank you cards.

While the thought of writing dozens, if not hundreds, of thank you notes might seem daunting, a little preparation and understanding of the etiquette can make the process smooth and even enjoyable.

This guide will navigate you through the art of crafting heartfelt wedding thank you card wordings.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Step By Step

1. Start With a Template, But Personalize It

It’s perfectly okay to have a basic template to start with, especially if you have a significant number of cards to write.

However, every note should include a personal touch or detail that speaks directly to the recipient.

Basic template:

“Dear [Recipient’s Name],
Thank you so much for celebrating this special occasion with us and for your thoughtful gift. [Personalized sentence about the gift or a shared memory.]
Warmest thanks,
[Your Names]”

2. Addressing Monetary Gifts

Money can be a delicate subject, but it’s essential to let the giver know you appreciate their generosity.

You don’t need to mention the amount, but do share a hint about how you plan to use it.


“Thank you for your generous gift. We’re saving up for [a home, our honeymoon, a special trip, etc.], and your contribution brings us closer to that dream.”

3. For Physical Gifts

Always mention the gift and imagine how it will be part of your shared lives.


“We absolutely love the [gift item]. It will have pride of place in our living room, and every time we see/use it, we’ll think of you.”

4. For Attendees Who Didn’t Give a Gift

Their presence is a present too!


“It meant the world to us to have you by our side on our big day. Your love and support have always meant so much, and we were thrilled to share our special day with you.”

5. For Absentees Who Sent Gifts

Let them know they were missed but their thoughtfulness touched you.


“We missed you at the wedding, but your thoughtful gift warmed our hearts. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.”

6. For Group Gifts

Sometimes, a group of people might chip in for a significant gift. Make sure you write an individual card to each contributor.


“Thank you for the [gift item]. We were genuinely touched by the combined effort, and it’ll always remind us of our fantastic group of friends/family.”

7. Express Gratitude for Special Gestures

Did someone perform at your wedding? Help with the arrangements? These need special mentions.


“Your [performance/help] added so much to our wedding day. We can’t thank you enough for making the day even more special with your unique touch.”


While the task of writing thank you notes can be overwhelming, it’s crucial to send them out promptly.

A good rule of thumb is within three months of the wedding or receiving the gift.

But most importantly, remember that each note is an opportunity to further connect with those you love, so take a moment to relive the joy of your special day with each card you pen.

Happy writing, and may your marriage be as heartfelt as your thank you notes!

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