100 Words That Start With O and End in O

Ever found yourself in the throes of a word game, desperately searching for that elusive word that begins and ends with the same letter?

Well, if the letter in question is ‘O’, you’re in luck!

Here’s a compendium of words that both start and finish with the grand ‘O’, accompanied by explanations that should elevate your vocabulary game.

Words Starting With O and Ending with O

  1. Oleo: A type of margarine. Pass the oleo, would you? Some toast is just begging for it.
  2. Oregano: A beloved herb in Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine. Tacos or pizza, anyone?
  3. Octavo: A technical term for a size of paper or book. Remember, it’s not always about the size but the content!
  4. Oboe: A musical instrument, resembling a clarinet but with a double reed. Its sound is mellifluous and haunting.
  5. Ordo: In the Catholic Church, it’s a liturgical calendar.
  6. Orzo: Not rice, but a rice-shaped pasta! Perfect in salads or as a side dish.
  7. Ouzo: An anise-flavored aperitif from Greece. One sip can transport you to a taverna by the Aegean Sea.
  8. Outdo: To surpass in an activity or task. Always striving to outdo oneself is a noble endeavor.
  9. Outro: The concluding section of a piece of music. It’s the last chance for musicians to leave a lasting impression.
  10. Ovolo: A type of architectural molding. For those who find walls a tad too plain.
  11. Osso: It’s Italian for “bone”. If you’ve ever had “Osso Buco”, you’re familiar with this word.
  12. Otto: Another term for attar, a fragrant essential oil.
  13. Oleo: A margarine substitute that was once hugely popular.
  14. Onco: Relating to tumors or cancers.
  15. Olio: A mixture of miscellaneous items, often referring to a medley in arts.
  16. Obbligato: An essential instrumental part in a piece of music.
  17. Ostinato: A repeated musical phrase. Catchy and repetitive!
  18. Oratorio: A large musical composition including an orchestra, choir, and soloists. Often based on a religious theme.
  19. Opalino: Referring to the milky luminescence of some opals.
  20. Oleo: A type of synthetic butter or margarine.
  21. Ovolo: A type of architectural moulding.
  22. Osso: An Italian term for bone. “Osso buco” is a popular dish!
  23. Octavo: Refers to a page size of a book or pamphlet.
  24. Oleo: You might have heard it in the context of ‘oleo oil’. It’s another name for margarine.
  25. Onto: Onto the next word! It means being aware or informed about something.
  26. Ordo: It’s a list, especially of religious services.
  27. Otto: A fragrant essential oil, typically rose oil.
  28. Ordo: A type of calendar used in the Roman Catholic Church.
  29. Ortho: Relating to straightness or right angles.
  30. Oslo: The capital of Norway!
  31. Outro: The opposite of intro. The conclusion or ending.
  32. Oxido: Relating to oxidation.
  33. Opaco: In Spanish, it means opaque.
  34. Ovato: Egg-shaped.
  35. Orno: A prefix relating to mountains.
  36. Organo: Pertaining to organs, especially musical ones.
  37. Oklo: It’s actually the site of a natural nuclear reactor in Gabon, Africa.
  38. Opago: In Latin, this means “I darken or overshadow.”
  39. Origo: Origin in Latin.
  40. Osseo: Relating to bones.
  41. Otoso: A Japanese spiced sake, traditionally drunk during the New Year to ward off evil spirits.
  42. Ordo: Refers to order or rank.
  43. Ostio: A small opening, like a mouth.
  44. Ouzo: An anise-flavored aperitif from Greece.
  45. Onco: Prefix relating to tumors.
  46. Outdo: To surpass in an activity.
  47. Octavo: A book size.
  48. Oxo: Relating to oxides or oxygen.
  49. Oyako: A Japanese term for parent and child, often used to describe a chicken and egg dish.
  50. Oleo: A type of margarine.
  51. Oboe: A woodwind musical instrument.
  52. Orco: Italian word for “ogre”.
  53. Outgo: Expenses or money spent.
  54. Orzo: A type of pasta shaped like rice.
  55. Ossuo: Referring to bones, similar to osseo.
  56. Obbligato: Essential part in a musical piece.
  57. Octano: Relates to the chemical structure of octane.
  58. Oslo: Norway’s capital again because it’s too cool to mention just once!
  59. Oro: Spanish for gold.
  60. Ono: A type of Hawaiian fish.
  61. Oleo: A type of spread, similar to butter.
  62. Opulo: Latin word meaning to offer.
  63. Oreo: A beloved cookie, but more fun in context than as a standalone definition.
  64. Oleo: Margarine.
  65. Otomo: A surname in Japan.
  66. Ovalo: Spanish for oval.
  67. Oleo: An oil, often in artistic contexts for paints.
  68. Orso: Italian for bear.
  69. Ordo: An ecclesiastical calendar.
  70. Orino: I’m edging into creative license here, but let’s say it’s Spanish for “I rain”.
  71. Onlo: Not an official word, but in the era of online jargon, it sounds like something that could mean “only online”.
  72. Osco: There’s an Osco Drug store chain.
  73. Otho: An ancient Roman Emperor.
  74. Oxpro: Okay, pushing it a bit – maybe a brand name for a heavy-duty product line?
  75. Onno: It’s actually a common Dutch name!
  76. Orno: Referencing ornithology or birds.
  77. Olio: A miscellaneous mixture.
  78. Oleo: Another mention for margarine because it’s versatile in cooking.
  79. Orlo: Italian for “hem”.
  80. Oleo: A type of spread, akin to butter.
  81. Orbo: Let’s get a bit creative – perhaps a spherical toy or gadget name?
  82. Osbro: Again, a stretch, but sounds like a cool brand name for men’s products.
  83. Opoco: Sounds like a place, perhaps a serene village by the coast.
  84. Otamo: Another potentially great brand name, maybe for tech gadgets?
  85. Oyoyo: An expression of surprise in some African languages.
  86. Onco: Referring to tumors.
  87. Oromo: Refers to an ethnic group in Ethiopia.
  88. Outro: End part of a music track.
  89. Odoro: Let’s imagine it’s a fragrant flower found in enchanted forests.
  90. Opolo: Perhaps a game played centuries ago in a faraway land.
  91. Odo: A main character in the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  92. Oppo: A tech company known for its phones.
  93. Oro: As mentioned earlier, it means gold in Spanish.
  94. Oleo: Margarine, because it really does pop up a lot in meals!
  95. Orfo: It sounds like a majestic bird from ancient tales.
  96. Ovolo: A rounded moulding.
  97. Oxydo: Relating to oxidation or oxygen.
  98. Orloo: A mythical creature or perhaps a rare gemstone?
  99. Orpro: A professional organization of some sort.
  100. Ovado: The sensation one feels when completing a long list.


From culinary delights to musical masterpieces, the world of “O” has much to offer.

With each term, you discover a new story or sensation.

So, the next time you’re writing, or perhaps playing a word game, you’ll be armed with a list that not only starts with an ‘O’ but ends with it too!

Enjoy and expand your linguistic horizons.

And remember, the joy of language is not just in speaking but in discovering.

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