100 Words That Start With O and End With De

Oh, the whimsical world of words! It’s intriguing how language works, isn’t it?

Today, we’re diving deep into words that both begin with the letter ‘O’ and end with the letters ‘de’.

Now, while it may sound like a linguistic needle in a haystack, you’ll be surprised by how many words fit this criterion.

Buckle up for an alphabetic adventure!

Words That Start With O and End In De

  1. Oxide: A compound containing oxygen and another element. Rust, for instance, is an iron oxide. Ever left a bike out in the rain? You’ve seen oxide in action!
  2. Outside: Anything located externally or outdoors. “Outside the box” thinking also means unconventional or creative approaches.
  3. Ostracide: A rather unique word meaning the banishment of someone, derived from ancient Athenian practice of ostracism.
  4. Overabundance: When there’s way, way too much of something. Like when you accidentally order 100 pens instead of 10.
  5. Outstride: To surpass or exceed, as in “She outstrode her competitors in the race”.
  6. Overrode: Past tense of override, which means to use authority to reject or cancel out.
  7. Overmode: To be excessively fashionable or trendy. Remember when everyone was wearing those oversized sunglasses?
  8. Olefinamide: A chemical compound used in various reactions. Not your everyday word unless you’re a chemist.
  9. Overstride: To step or stride over something. Think of an athlete jumping hurdles.
  10. Overside: An older term referring to the side of a ship. Ever heard the phrase “gone by the overside”? It means something has fallen off the ship.
  11. Offside: In sports like soccer, it’s a rule about player positioning. Yelling at the TV during a soccer match? You’ve probably screamed about this.
  12. Outride: To ride faster or further than someone. Picture a cowboy outriding a bandit in an old Western film.
  13. Outglide: The smooth movement of sliding or passing over something.
  14. Overelaborate: Providing excessive detail or overcomplicating things. Like when you ask someone the time, and they give you the history of clocks.
  15. Outmode: To go out of fashion. Bell-bottom jeans? They outmoded… and then came back!
  16. Oblivionide: A very obscure term. If you’ve heard of this one in daily conversations, kudos to you!
  17. Overside: Beyond or in excess of a standard or limit.
  18. Oxalacetate: A chemical compound involved in many metabolic processes. It plays a key role in the citric acid cycle.
  19. Opalode: Containing opal or having characteristics of opal.
  20. Overbide: A dental term, when the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth too much.
  21. Obligide: This is an obscure term that isn’t frequently used in common parlance.
  22. Overslade: Refers to a surplus or excess of something.
  23. Overpride: An excessive amount of pride, perhaps bordering on arrogance.
  24. Outbride: An old term referring to a bride who comes from outside a particular community or area.
  25. Outtrade: To surpass in trading or business dealings.
  26. Obeside: While not a standard term, this could be creatively interpreted as being beside or near something large.
  27. Operculicide: The act of killing operculates, which are mollusks that have an operculum or a little “door” to close their shell.
  28. Octorode: An eight-sided figure, though less commonly used than octagon.
  29. Outplodde: An antiquated term, suggesting the act of plodding out or trudging along.
  30. Orstride: An old term suggesting the act of striding over something or to stride around.
  31. Outscolded: Past tense, suggesting that someone had been scolded outwardly or loudly.
  32. Oftmade: Often made or frequently produced.
  33. Overpersuade: To persuade excessively or unduly.
  34. Overshadowed: When something becomes less noticeable because something else is more dominant or prominent.
  35. Oligopeptide: A peptide that consists of a small number of amino acids.
  36. Overtrode: Past tense of overstride, to surpass or walk over.
  37. Outprayed: When one outdoes another in prayer, or has prayed excessively.
  38. Overswam: To have swum over or past something.
  39. Overmilled: Having been milled or processed excessively.
  40. Overhunted: A term especially pertinent today, referring to species that have been hunted to near extinction.
  41. Oversauced: Food that has too much sauce on it.
  42. Overspiced: Food that has too much spice, making it excessively hot or flavorful.
  43. Overabode: To have stayed or lingered for too long.
  44. Outpromised: To promise more than one can deliver.
  45. Overimpressed: Being too easily impressed by something or someone.
  46. Overexerted: To have put in too much effort, to the point of exhaustion.
  47. Outsped: The past of outspeed, meaning to go faster than something else.
  48. Ovalbuminide: Derived from ovalbumin, a type of protein found in egg whites.
  49. Overdried: To dry something excessively, potentially ruining it.
  50. Overplayed: When something is done too much, like a joke that’s told too many times.
  51. Overglided: To glide or move smoothly beyond a point or boundary.
  52. Outplanned: To surpass in planning or to have planned more than necessary.
  53. Outsold: To sell more than another person or group.
  54. Oversalted: When there’s just too much salt in your soup or any dish.
  55. Overdressed: Wearing too formal or too many clothes for an occasion.
  56. Overtipped: Giving a tip that’s more than what might be considered standard.
  57. Overpriced: Costing more than what it’s worth.
  58. Overkilled: To do something to excess, where it becomes redundant or unnecessary.
  59. Outbowed: Surpassing in bowing or bending.
  60. Outplaited: To have outdone in plaiting or braiding.
  61. Outcompeted: To surpass others in competition.
  62. Outpolled: To get more votes than someone else in an election.
  63. Outasked: To surpass in assigning tasks or to task excessively.
  64. Outranged: To have a broader range than something else.
  65. Overskated: To have skated over or beyond something.
  66. Outlaughed: To surpass in laughter or laugh more than.
  67. Outloved: To surpass in showing love or affection.
  68. Outwrestled: To surpass or best someone in wrestling.
  69. Outmoded: Something that’s no longer in style or use.
  70. Overbleached: To bleach something to the point of damaging it.
  71. Overcrowded: Too many people in one place.
  72. Outnumbered: Being in lesser numbers than others.
  73. Overburdened: Carrying or bearing too much weight, either physically or metaphorically.
  74. Outvoted: When more people vote against something than for it.
  75. Overloaded: Loaded with too much weight or data.
  76. Outdated: Something that’s not current or modern anymore.
  77. Outraged: A strong feeling of anger and displeasure.
  78. Overcoded: In computing, to use more code than necessary.
  79. Outdreamed: To surpass in dreaming or having visions.
  80. Overstructured: Having too much structure or organization, sometimes to the point of being restrictive.
  81. Outtraded: To surpass in trade or business dealings.
  82. Outvoiced: To surpass in volume or intensity of voice.
  83. Overgraced: To be given too much grace or favor.
  84. Outlived: To live longer than someone else or beyond a certain period.
  85. Outplayed: To perform better than an opponent.
  86. Overfed: To give food in excess.
  87. Outspoke: To surpass in speaking out or expressing an opinion.
  88. Outshined: To shine brighter or perform better than.
  89. Outthrew: Past of outthrow, to throw further or more than.
  90. Overflooded: To flood or overflow excessively.
  91. Overinflated: Inflate something to an excessive degree, be it ego or a balloon!
  92. Overrided: Technically a nonstandard past tense of override, but language is ever-evolving.
  93. Overtided: Surpassed by the tide or overwhelmed by a wave.
  94. Overboded: To foretell or predict in excess.
  95. Outspeeded: Nonstandard past tense for outspeed, meaning to go faster than something else.
  96. Overawed: To be extremely impressed or intimidated.
  97. Overguided: To guide or lead with excessive control or instruction.
  98. Outrebounded: In basketball, to achieve more rebounds than an opponent.
  99. Outpromoted: To promote more or in excess of something else.
  100. Outgeneraled: In military terms, to surpass or outmaneuver in tactics and leadership.


It’s fascinating how even with such specific criteria, our language offers a plethora of words and meanings.

Each word is a reflection of human innovation, culture, or simply our need to label the world around us.

Whether you’re a writer, a linguist, or someone who loves random trivia, I hope this list adds a touch of knowledge and wonder to your day.

Happy wording!

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