French Words That Start With O

Bonjour, dear readers!

For a moment, pause and imagine: a world filled with infinite words, each bearing a unique story, a distinct flavor.

In this linguistic universe, the letter ‘O’ stands as a silent observer, offering a treasure trove of tales waiting to be told.

Today, we’re about to embark on an odyssey, plunging into the depths of this singular letter, unveiling its hidden gems.

Grab your explorer’s hat and let’s set sail into the ocean of ‘O’!

Today, let’s journey through the beauty of the French language, focusing on words that commence with the letter ‘O’.

This list doesn’t just dish out words; it helps you understand them too.

So, whether you’re a Francophile or a curious soul, dive in!

French Words Starting With O

  1. Oui – The simplest way to say “Yes” in French.
  2. Oiseau – Translates to “bird.” Imagine colorful “oiseaux” singing in a Parisian garden.
  3. Orange – Yes, it’s a fruit, but also a color. Both are pronounced slightly differently than in English.
  4. Océan – It means “ocean.” The vastness and depth remain the same in every language.
  5. Ordinateur – This is the French term for “computer.”
  6. Opéra – It translates to “opera.” The Opéra Garnier in Paris is a sight to behold.
  7. Ombre – Means “shadow.” Picture the soft “ombres” cast by trees on a sunny day.
  8. Oignon – How do you say “onion” in French? This is it!
  9. Oreille – Your “ear” in French.
  10. Ouvrir – A verb that means “to open.”
  11. Opinion – While spelled the same as in English, its pronunciation is distinctively French.
  12. Ours – Beware of the “bear” or in French, “l’ours”!
  13. Ouvrage – Means a “work,” especially relating to literature or art.
  14. Ordre – Translates to “order” or “sequence.”
  15. Offrir – A verb meaning “to offer.”
  16. Outil – If you’re in a French workshop, you might need this – a “tool.”
  17. Or – It means “gold.” Think of opulent French palaces adorned with “or.”
  18. Organiser – A verb which means “to organize.”
  19. Occasion – Much like in English, it means an “event” or “opportunity.”
  20. Octobre – The month of “October.”
  21. Olive – It could be the green “olive” in your martini or tapenade.
  22. Origine – The word for “origin.”
  23. Opération – It refers to an “operation,” both medically or in general terms.
  24. Obstacle – A hurdle or “obstacle” in any venture.
  25. Occuper – The verb meaning “to occupy.”
  26. Orage – A dramatic word for “thunderstorm.”
  27. Oublier – Means “to forget.” A beautiful word with a melancholic charm.
  28. Optimisme – Your “optimism” in French.
  29. Orientation – Refers to one’s “orientation” or “direction.”
  30. Orchestre – Envision a grand “orchestra” playing in a Parisian hall.
  31. Œuvre – An artistic “work” or “creation.”
  32. Ovale – An “oval” shape, much like an egg.
  33. Odyssée – A long, adventurous journey, or “odyssey.”
  34. Office – Relating to religious ceremonies or a liturgical service.
  35. Opulent – Describing something lavish or “opulent.”
  36. Oasis – A peaceful “oasis” or haven.
  37. Oblique – Refers to something slanting or “oblique.”
  38. Omelette – Yes, the delicious “omelette” we all love for breakfast!
  39. Occupation – A job, or “occupation.”
  40. Optique – Relates to vision or “optics.”
  41. Orateur – A speaker or “orator.”
  42. Ongle – Referring to a fingernail or toenail.
  43. Observation – The act of observing or “observation.”
  44. Oser – A verb meaning “to dare.”
  45. Opposer – Means “to oppose.”
  46. Ordonner – Translates to “to order” or “to command.”
  47. Objectif – An “objective” or “goal.”
  48. Oncle – Your dear “uncle.”
  49. Offense – An “offense” or “insult.”
  50. Ouverture – An “opening” or “beginning” of something.
  51. Odorat – The sense of “smell.”
  52. Opposition – Means “opposition.”
  53. Ordonnance – A “prescription” in a medical context.
  54. Organique – Referring to “organic” material or produce.
  55. Opportunité – An “opportunity” to do something.
  56. Outrage – A strong word for “outrage” or “insult.”
  57. Optimal – The best possible, or “optimal.”
  58. Œuf – Before the chicken? It’s an “egg.”
  59. Orphelin – A melancholic word for an “orphan.”
  60. Outre – Means “besides” or “in addition to.”
  61. Omnipotent – Referring to someone with unlimited power, or “omnipotent.”
  62. Ostensible – Apparent or “ostensible.”
  63. Obéir – A verb meaning “to obey.”
  64. Omission – An act of neglecting or leaving something out, an “omission.”
  65. Officier – Refers to an “officer,” especially in a military context.
  66. Opiniâtre – Describes someone who’s “stubborn.”
  67. Ornament – An “ornament” or decoration.
  68. Obligation – A duty or “obligation.”
  69. Obscur – “Dark” or “obscure.”
  70. Ovation – An “ovation” or applause.
  71. Occulte – Relating to the supernatural or “occult.”
  72. Ou – A simple conjunction that means “or.”
  73. Organisme – Refers to an “organism.”
  74. Obliger – A verb meaning “to oblige.”
  75. Opter – Translates to “to opt for” or “to choose.”
  76. Ornithologie – The study of birds or “ornithology.”
  77. Ostentation – Showiness or “ostentation.”
  78. Outrager – A verb meaning “to outrage.”
  79. Opérer – Means “to operate.”
  80. Occidental – Referring to the western world or “occidental.”
  81. Optimum – The best or most favorable condition, “optimum.”
  82. Oncologie – The study of tumors or “oncology.”
  83. Obstruction – An “obstruction” or blockage.
  84. Omniscient – All-knowing or “omniscient.”
  85. Oblongue – An elongated shape, “oblong.”
  86. Ordinaire – Regular or “ordinary.”
  87. Octave – An “octave” in music.
  88. Oculaire – Relating to the eyes or “ocular.”
  89. Oblation – A religious offering or “oblation.”
  90. Orifice – An opening or hole, “orifice.”
  91. Offusquer – A verb meaning “to offend” or “to obscure.”
  92. Osmose – “Osmosis” in biology.
  93. Opalescent – Having a milky brightness, “opalescent.”
  94. Oriente – Refers to the east or “orient.”
  95. Ostracisme – “Ostracism” or exclusion.
  96. Obsession – An “obsession” or fixation.
  97. Octogone – An eight-sided polygon, “octagon.”
  98. Odieux – Means “odious” or “hateful.”
  99. Opulente – A word describing wealth or “opulence.”
  100. Oxygène – Can’t live without it, “oxygen.”


As we wrap up our odyssey through the opulent offerings of the letter ‘O’, it’s clear that each word, no matter its origin, holds a universe of stories, sensations, and significance.

These aren’t just letters strung together; they’re bridges to cultures, portals to history, and whispers of nature.

As you venture forward in your linguistic journeys, remember the magic that ‘O’ unveiled and let it be a reminder that every letter, every word, holds the power to enchant.

Until our next journey together, keep exploring, keep discovering, and most importantly, keep the wonder alive. 🌍📚✨

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