School Excuse Note From Parent : 40 Examples

When life happens and our kids need a little time off from school, it’s essential to communicate the reason for their absence appropriately.

Crafting the perfect excuse note can be a bit of a challenge.

To help you out, here are 40 school excuse note examples from parents for various scenarios:

Illness-Related Absences:

  1. “Please excuse [child’s name] for missing school on [date]. He/She had a fever and was advised to rest.”
  2. “[Child’s name] was unwell with flu-like symptoms on [date] and needed to stay home.”
  3. “Our doctor advised [child’s name] to stay home due to a contagious illness on [date].”
  4. “[Child’s name] had a stomach bug on [date] and was unable to attend school.”

Dental and Medical Appointments:

  1. “[Child’s name] had a dentist appointment on [date]. Kindly excuse his/her absence.”
  2. “Please excuse [child’s name]’s absence on [date] as he/she had an orthodontist appointment.”
  3. “We had scheduled a specialist appointment for [child’s name] on [date]. Please excuse the absence.”

Family Emergencies or Events:

  1. “Due to a family emergency, [child’s name] was unable to attend school on [date].”
  2. “We had a death in the family. Please excuse [child’s name]’s absence.”
  3. “Our family attended a wedding out of town. Kindly excuse [child’s name]’s absence from [date1] to [date2].”

Travel-Related Absences:

  1. “We had a previously planned family trip. [Child’s name] was away from [date1] to [date2].”
  2. “Due to unforeseen travel delays, [child’s name] missed school on [date].”

Religious Observances:

  1. “[Child’s name] was observing [specific religious event] on [date]. Please excuse the absence.”

Other Appointments:

  1. “[Child’s name] had an important counseling session on [date].”
  2. “Please excuse [child’s name]’s absence due to a scheduled court appointment.”

Minor Injuries:

  1. “[Child’s name] had a minor injury and was advised to rest for the day on [date].”

Weather-Related Absences:

  1. “Due to severe weather conditions, it was unsafe for [child’s name] to attend school on [date].”

Mental Health Days:

  1. “[Child’s name] needed a mental health day to recuperate and recharge on [date].”

Special Circumstances:

  1. “Our family had a significant event on [date], and [child’s name] was part of it.”
  2. “Due to a power outage in our area, [child’s name] was unable to attend online classes on [date].”

Brief and Direct Excuses:

  1. “Please excuse [child’s name]’s absence due to illness.”
  2. “[Child’s name] had a medical appointment. Kindly excuse.”

Extended Absences:

  1. “[Child’s name] will be away from [date1] to [date2] due to [reason].”
  2. “Please be informed of [child’s name]’s extended absence for family reasons.”

Educational Opportunities:

  1. “[Child’s name] attended an educational workshop on [date]. Kindly excuse the absence.”

Miscellaneous Reasons:

  1. “[Child’s name] was feeling unwell in the morning and needed to rest.”
  2. “Due to car trouble, [child’s name] couldn’t make it to school on [date].”
  3. “We had a family event that [child’s name] had to attend on [date].”
  4. “Please excuse [child’s name]’s tardiness as he/she had a doctor’s appointment in the morning.”
  5. “Due to some personal family matters, [child’s name] wasn’t able to attend school on [date].”
  6. “[Child’s name] was under the weather and needed to stay home on [date].”
  7. “Please be advised of [child’s name]’s absence due to a family commitment.”
  8. “[Child’s name] had a minor accident and was advised to stay home on [date].”
  9. “We had an unavoidable situation at home, and [child’s name] had to be present.”
  10. “Due to a family gathering, [child’s name] couldn’t attend school on [date].”
  11. “[Child’s name] had some personal reasons for not attending school on [date].”
  12. “Please excuse [child’s name] for being absent due to a scheduled activity.”
  13. “We had visitors from out of town, and [child’s name] had to be with the family on [date].”
  14. “There was an emergency at home that required [child’s name]’s presence.”
  15. “Kindly excuse [child’s name] for missing school due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Each situation is unique, and it’s always a good idea to be sincere and transparent in your communication with the school. Always ensure you’re giving them enough notice (if possible) and any required documentation, especially for extended absences.

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